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The Econic range of trucks from Mercedes-Benz is known primarily for being used as tippers and refuse collectors. Although they aren’t among the most commonly-sighted trucks around, since their launch, they have been popular with private and state-run refuse collection services, not least for their impressive fuel economy. Despite that, Econics also happen to be pretty powerful trucks.

Econics come in two weights – 18 tonnes or 26 tonnes. Aside from being used as refuse collectors, the larger models can also work as fire engines and even as box vans. They also come into their own for airport ground services, proving to be pretty versatile. Since coming on the market, they have carved out a niche in the truck market as a popular specialist vehicle.

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Mercedes-Benz Econic  1823
Mercedes-Benz Econic 1823 POA
2007 | Refuse Body Refuse Vehicle with Faun Body and Terberg Bin Lift.Locking Differential, 4x2
Commercial Transport Export Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Econic  1829
Mercedes-Benz Econic 1829 POA
2010 | Refuse Body Refuse Vehicle with Semat Body and Zoller Bin Lift. On Board Weighing System.Locking Differential, 6x4
Commercial Transport Export Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 Bluetec 5
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 Bluetec 5 POA
2009 | Refuse Body | 62kg Rear Steer Hiel open back refuse truck direct from councilMoT Due Mar 17log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 Bluetec 5
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 Bluetec 5 POA
2010 | Refuse Body | 26000kg Rear Steer Geesink Norba MF300 70/30 split body with trade and single bin lift direct from councilMoT Due Oct 15log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Econic 3233 Bluetec 4
Mercedes-Benz Econic 3233 Bluetec 4 POA
2009 | Refuse Body | 32000kg Faun Variopress refuse truck with Terberg Omnidel split bin lifts and on board weighingMoT Due Jan 16log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 POA
2008 | Refuse Body | 26000kg Heil MKV 21m3 REL rear end loader with 5 ton skip arms and trade bin liftMoT Due
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 Bluetec 4
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 Bluetec 4 POA
2008 | Refuse Body | 26000kg Heil powertrack 22.1m3 refuse truck with trade bin lift and trunion arms also PM1155 body weighing - direct from councilMoT Due
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Econic  2628
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2628 POA
2008 | Refuse Body 2008 Mercedes econic 6x4 refuse vehicle, double drive on air suspension, terberg bin lift, mot May 2019, very tidy, ex councilLocking Differential, 6x4
Mercedes-Benz Econic  2629
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2629 £9,950.00
2008 | Refuse Body 2008 MERCEDES ECONIC 2629,6X4,AUTO GEARBOX,200.000KMS,GEESINK EQUIPMENT,£9950+VAT
Airport Autos (Hire Division)
Mercedes-Benz Econic 1824
Mercedes-Benz Econic 1824 POA
2011 | Recycling Vehicle | 23000kg BMI Top selector 4 compartment kerbsider with front pod direct from councilMoT Due Jul 17log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in the Mercedes-Benz Econic's history. Click on the circles in the timeline to view key model updates and face lifts
Econic launched. Normally used for waste collection, fire and emergency purposes and airport ground services.
10,000 milestone
10,000th Econic truck manufactured.
Econic Goes Euro 5
All models built from 2006 onwards were equipped with BlueTec technology.
Facelifted Econic Launched
Econic gets Euro 6 engine and updated cab. On UK roads from Q1 2014

New 2014 model Year Mercedes EconicThe Econic has had numerous special features added to it since it was first produced back in 1998. One of the most intriguing is a natural gas engine, which goes against the grain. Each model has a six-cylinder inline engine with turbo and an intercooler.

In terms of power, the newer models either produce 299bhp for the 18-tonne vehicle and, in the case of the 26-tonne Econics, a considerably 354bhp. The newer engines are said to reduce fuel consumption by around 4% and are compatible with Euro6. Later versions of the Econic also come with the BlueTec system, designed to reduce emissions and boost responsiveness in tricky driving conditions.

Older models have a number of other interesting features which set them apart from other trucks used for municipal purposes. They tend to come equipped with a low floor, lower overall height and, in the majority of cases, automatic gearboxes.

Newer Econic refuse collectors tend to be expensive due to their rarity and high specifications. Buying an older model is advisable as they tend to come cheaper and have all the gear needed to make refuse collection simple, clean and quick.

In a nutshell

For those looking for a specialist truck, they could do far worse than buy a reliable and powerful Econic, even if the price tag tends to be a little on the heavy side.

Mercedes Econic Refuse Truck Review

The Econic range is intended to be an efficient and modern entry in the Mercedes-Benz family of commercial vehicles. And since it comes with the option of a refuse body, it can be used for the collection of waste by organisations that require such duties to be executed by a vehicle which will last for years without becoming a burden. The low-entry cabs are perfect for waste collection because they allow operators to climb in and out without being overly fatigued, giving it the edge over other older machines. And with a host of cutting-edge technology included to improve safety and productivity, the Econic refuse trucks are one step ahead of the competition. This applies to used models just as much as new variants, since Mercedes-Benz endeavours to keep its vehicles at the forefront of engineering innovation.

Modern features available on the Econic range include a system that relays information about the weight of the load that is on board at any given time, monitoring each of the individual axles to ensure that operators have real-time updates about how much material has been collected and when the capacity is close to being reached. Because these trucks also feature wiring to facilitate the integration of reversing cameras, used models can often come with these additions to make things even safer. The driver is given an excellent view of their surroundings even without cameras on board thanks to the panoramic windscreen and well-positioned and easy-to-adjust mirrors. Adverse road conditions can also be tackled with ease thanks to ESP, ABS and various other automated safety systems that keep the Econic refuse trucks on the right track.

Modern Econic refuse models come with cabs that are built using alloy frames, and this means they are light while still being very strong, ensuring that they meet current regulations for protection during collisions. The doors open inwards, meaning that operators not only have easy access thanks to the height of the entry points, but will not have any issues getting in and out when space around the vehicle is tight. Low- and high-roof models are available, with the latter offering integrated overhead lockers so that the crew can keep belongings and equipment stored safely when they are out on the road. Meanwhile, additions such as the electronic sunblind and the impressive ventilation systems mean that everyone who is on board will be comfortable and content, whatever the weather.

The refuse body of the Econic range of trucks can come with bin lifts built to handle trade bins, wheelie bins or a combination of the two. This means you will need to check which type of lift is included when buying used to make sure a truck fits your needs. You should also ensure that these hydraulic systems, as well as any other mechanisms, are working correctly. Ex-council examples of the Econic refuse truck range are a feature of the second-hand market and make it simpler to secure a well-maintained model from this respected Mercedes-Benz group of vehicles.

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The Econic is perfect for refuse work. It turns on a dime and is safe and comfortable. 4.5/5 by Jim Duncan I’ve driven the 26 tonne rear steer version of the Econic for a year or so now. It’s a 2008 refuse collection version with the Euro 5 engine. It’s powerful enough but to be honest,... Read full review


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