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As the biggest truck maker in the world, Mercedes produce a full-range of lorries with weights ranging from 2.4 to 44 tonnes. From the lightweight Atego to the top weight Actros, there’s a Mercedes truck on the market to suit every business need. The Sprinter is the bestselling truck of its kind and for good reason; Mercedes recognise the needs of the every-day customer and aim to produce products that reflect the quality of service needed with the efficiency and technology needed to work in the modern working environment.

Mercedes aim to deliver trucks that allow every driver to make the most of each load. Keeping track of current events and the factors that are sure to affect every customer, Mercedes is ahead of the pack when it comes to adjusting to the needs of the customer.

Find out more about which of the Mercedes-Benz trucks for sale on is suitable for your business.

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Mercedes-Benz Atego 815 4x2 Rigid
Mercedes-Benz Atego 815 4x2 Rigid POA
2001 | Scaffold Body | 7490kg flatbed on steel suspension 4x2 good tyres
F W Thomas
Mercedes-Benz Atego 815 4x2 Rigid
Mercedes-Benz Atego 815 4x2 Rigid POA
2001 | Scaffold Body | 7490kg flatbed on steel suspension 4x2 good tyres
F W Thomas
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823 £6,950.00
Airport Autos (Hire Division)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter £12,250.00
2011 | Recovery Vehicle 61/2011 Mercedes Benz sprinter. 5ton G.V.W. V6 Diesel. Twin Wheel. Fitted with 16ft recovery body. Vehicle in immaculate condition, must be seen. £12,250+VAT
Prestwood Commercials
Mercedes-Benz Actros MERCEDES  2546 MEGASPACE 6 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2005
Mercedes-Benz Actros MERCEDES 2546 MEGASPACE 6 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2005 £18,750.00
2005 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg Mercedes 460 Bhp Euro 3 Engine, 16 Speed EPS Manual, Air Suspension, Midlift, Disc Brakes, Slider, F.A.D.K, Sunvisor, Twin Alloy Fuel Tanks, Kelsa Light Bar, Air Horns, Twinsleeper Cab, Electric Windows/Mirrors/Sunroof, Night Heater, Air Con, CD Player, C Mercedes Actros Megaspace High Roof Twinsleeper Cab C/w Flat Floor and 4 Point Air Suspension. Mercedes V6 460 Bhp Turbo Air to Air Charge
Walker Movements
Mercedes-Benz Axor  2528
Mercedes-Benz Axor 2528 POA
Trucks 2 Go Limited
Mercedes-Benz Axor ATEGO 2528
Mercedes-Benz Axor ATEGO 2528 POA
Trucks 2 Go Limited
Mercedes-Benz Econic   2528. 6x4
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2528. 6x4 POA
2005 | Refuse Body 6x4, refuse truck Rigid Trucks
Shelton Motors
Mercedes-Benz Econic   2528. 6X4
Mercedes-Benz Econic 2528. 6X4 POA
2005 | Refuse Body 6X4, REFUSE TRUCK Rigid Trucks
Shelton Motors
Mercedes-Benz Atego  1823 Sleeper Cab Fridge Box
Mercedes-Benz Atego 1823 Sleeper Cab Fridge Box POA
2004 | Refrigerated Box | 18000kg 2004 Mercedes Atego 1823 Sleeper Cab Fridge Box on Springs Suspension, 6 Speed Manual Gearbox, Single Bunk, Radio/Stereo, Side Loading Door, Rear Roller Shutter Door, Excellent Condition, £10,950 CIF up to Walvis Bay, Namibia
Law Exports Ltd
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in Mercedes-Benz's history
Mercedes-Benz Founder Invents the car
Carl Benz reveals the world’s first automobile, known as the Patent Motor Car Model III
Product Development Continues
Mercedes spend years developing the initial model; then producing the Mercedes 35 HP which becomes the model upon which the modern-day vehicle is based upon.
Mercedes improves Braking
Mercedes’ advancements in technology allow front-wheel brakes to become as standard on all vehicles.
Mercedes Unimog Launched
From the 20s onwards numerous safety advancements are made to vehicles, including a patent for the first safety body with a rigid passenger compartment; the safety conical pin that prevents doors bursting open upon collision; and the first safety steering column. The Unimog is also launched for the first time.
Mercedes Start Crash Testing
After introducing seatbelts in the early 50s, Mercedes begin taking crash tests on all models which lead to further innovation in steering and restraint systems.
Mercedes Vario Predecessor Launched
The predecessor to the Vario, the T2, is launched.
Actros & Sprinter Launched
The Actros is launched along with the iconic Sprinter.
Atego Launched
The Mercedes Atego is launched.
Econic Launched
The Econic is launched.for municipal use
PRE-SAFE Launched
The anticipatory system, which has gone on to feature in the vast majority of haulage trucks, is launched as PRE-SAFE.
Axor Launched
A ‘facelift’ for the earlier Atego model leads to the launch of the Axor.
Antos Launched
The Antos is launched.
Arocs makes Euro 6 Range complete
Mercedes-Benz launch the Arocs range for construction and off-road use.
Mercedes-Benz truck video

One of the outstanding elements of Mercedes’ truck development comes in the form of the environmental technology under the hood. In the latest advancements Mercedes have produced the Euro IV, which sets a limit on the emissions of a heavy duty vehicle.

Meanwhile, the BlueTecEco not only looks to save the environment, but the pocket of the driver filling up the tank as it is far more fuel efficient than rival trucks of a similar size on the market.

These environment concerns, along with the desire to achieve efficiency and performance throughout the entire range of vehicles, mean that Mercedes is a sound long term investment for drivers interested in economy.

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Which Mercedes truck is right for me?

Actros– As one of the most popular heavy duty trucks on the road in the UK, the Actros is a great long-term investment. Introduced in 1995, it is ideal for long-distance haulage and combines efficiency with comfort. Weights start at 18 tonnes with a range of engines, the most popular of which is the OM 501 with a 12-litre V6 and 310-460H.

Antos– One of the newest of the Mercedes trucks, the Antos is a range of heavy duty trucks coming in between 18 - 44 tonnes. In a range of three displacement classes (7.7 litre, 10.7 litre, and 12.8 litre), the Antos also offers 13 power ratings from 238HP to 510HP.

Atego – This lightweight, general purpose rigid truck was launched in 1997 with weights ranging from 7.5 – 16 tonnes. With power from a 4 or 6-cylinder engine, the newer 18 tonne models have been rebranded as the Mercedes-Benz Axor.

Axor – The newer version of the popular Atego, the Axor aims to fill the gap between the Actros tractors and the Atego trucks aimed at a fleet market. With a 12 litre, 6-cylinder engine, it aims to be efficient, economical and practical.

Econic – Used in the UK as a refuse vehicle, the Econic combines a low-entry cab and automated gearbox to make it one of the most flexible trucks on the market for an urban driving experience. The Econic is available in 18 – 26 tonnes and is powered by a 6-cylinder engine.

Sprinter – The Mercedes Sprinter is one of the most popular vans on the UK roads and has won International Van of the Year for several years running. With engine sizes ranging from 2.1 litre to 3.5, and 5 and 6-speed transmissions, it’s one of the most reliable vans on the market.

Unimog – This range of multi-purpose 4-wheel drive medium trucks are designed to tackle all ranges of environments. Designed to manage forests, war zones and deep snow, you can be sure that you can rely on the Unimog.

Vario – This full-size, heavy duty commercial van was originally launched in 1986. Those who are fans of the Atego will be pleased to know it shares the same OM904 internal combustion engine.

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