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Famous for their reliability and durability, the range of trucks offered by MAN have been a popular choice for years. Efficiency has become a prominent factor in the specifications of all the trucks in the MAN range of vehicles, ensuring that both the companies and individuals that choose a MAN truck are getting the best possible experience for the price they pay.

Based in Munich, MAN produces a range of heavy duty vehicles including trucks and buses, and uses the experience gained from these different vehicles to ensure that the same level of efficiency and durability are consistent throughout the range. The natural gas engines are the leading machines of their kind, meaning choosing one of these particular trucks can lead to long-term financial benefits – especially when bought second-hand.

Find out more about which of the MAN trucks for sale on is best for your business.

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MAN TGM  18.250 4x2 Curtainside Body
MAN TGM 18.250 4x2 Curtainside Body POA
2012 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg Air Con,CD Player,Central Locking,Double Bunk,Radio,Sun Visor,Tachograph - Digital, Electric Mirrors,Electric Windows,Heated Mirrors, Barn Doors,Tuckaway Tail Lift Britcom
MAN TGM  18.250 4x2 Curtainside Body
MAN TGM 18.250 4x2 Curtainside Body POA
2012 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg Air Con,CD Player,Central Locking,Double Bunk,Radio,Sun Visor,Tachograph - Digital, Electric Mirrors,Electric Windows,Heated Mirrors, Barn Doors,Tuckaway Tail Lift Britcom
MAN TGM  18.250 4x2 Curtainside Body
MAN TGM 18.250 4x2 Curtainside Body POA
2012 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg Air Con,CD Player,Central Locking,Double Bunk,Radio,Sun Visor,Tachograph - Digital, Electric Mirrors,Electric Windows,Heated Mirrors, Barn Doors,Tuckaway Tail Lift Britcom
MAN TGA   18.430 XXL 4 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2006 - SV56 AUX
MAN TGA 18.430 XXL 4 X 2 TRACTOR UNIT - 2006 - SV56 AUX £5,750.00
2006 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg MAN TGA XXL Twinsleeper Cab C/w 4 Point Air Suspension. MAN D20 430 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 3 Engine. ZF 12 Speed Automatic Astronic Gearbox. MAN Single Reduction Drive Axle. Ecas Drive Axle Air Suspension C/w In Cab Controls. Disc Brake System C/w ABS/EBS Control. Switchable ASR/Traction Control. Jost Sliding Fifth Wheel. Aluminium Chassis Catwalk. Twin Aluminium Fuel Tank C/w
Walker Movements
MAN TGX 26.440
MAN TGX 26.440 POA
2010 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg TGX26.440 6 x 2 Tractor Unit 2010 Mid Axle Lift, Hydraulic Tipping Gear, Air Deflection Kit, Sun Visor, Alloy Wheels, EBD, Hands Free Kit, Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Heated Seats, Hearted Mirrors, Sunroof, CD+Radio á - STOCK NO R194 - MOT OCTOBER 2017
C J Leonard
MAN Unknown 35.400
MAN Unknown 35.400 £33,500.00
2013 | Specialist 8x4 Fitted with Thompson steel body easy sheet on board weigher auto tail board camera Euro 5 one owner mint Low Kms long not.choice.These trucks are priced to sell £33,500 plus vat. Right Hand Drive
Peter Gilder & Sons Limited
MAN TGX 26.480 6X2/2 BLS
MAN TGX 26.480 6X2/2 BLS POA
2015 | Chassis Cabs | 26000kg This MAN TopUsed approved Euro6 Chassis with a 353 kW (480 HP) engine plus Leaf air suspension and a wheelbase of 2,600+1,350 mm and a 450 l, Aluminum fueltank. It has a further specification including; MAN BrakeMatic Electr. Stability Programm ESP Anti **Please Quote Ref no 0000917757 **
MAN TopUsed Manchester
MAN TGX 26.440 6X2/2 BLS
MAN TGX 26.440 6X2/2 BLS POA
2015 | Tractor Unit | 44000kg This MAN TopUsed approved Euro6 Tractor unit with a 324 kW (441 HP) engine plus Leaf air suspension and a wheelbase of 2,600+1,350 mm and a 450 l, Aluminum fueltank. It has a further specification including; MAN BrakeMatic Brake assist: Emergency Brake A **Please Quote Ref no 0000881095 **
MAN TopUsed Manchester
MAN TGX  26.440
MAN TGX 26.440 POA
Tractor Unit | 40000kg MAN TGX 26.440, Euro 6, auto, sliding 5th wheel, Wheel chocks, twin bunks, 64 reg, choice, Inspected ready to go, Hire or buy. Tractor Units
Bickford Truck Services
MAN TGL  7.180
2013 | Dropsides MAN TGL 7.180, 21 ft dropside body, 3 seats, manual gearbox, Reverse camera, beacon, Rear strobes, March 18 test, 13 reg Inspected ready to go. Dropside Flats
Bickford Truck Services
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in MAN's history
Early MAN Company Founded
The origins of MAN trace back to the 1700s with the commencement of the St. Antony ironworks, the first of its kind in the region of Rurh. The company grew substantially throughout the 1700s and the 1800s, expanding from a small business to one hiring thousands of employees.
MAN Invent Diesel Engine
The arrival of the printing press lead to a four year period of research eventually producing MAN’s first fully-functional Diesel engine, created by Rudolf Diesel.
Company Taken Over
Taken over the GHH, the company grew to 52,000 employees.
MAN Join Forces with Force Motors in India
MAN entered into an agreement with Force Motors to produce trucks and buses for the Indian domestic and export market.
VW Acquire majority stake in MAN
Volkswagen AG acquired a 53.7% share in MAN in an attempt to create Europe’s largest truckmaker. This percentage rose of the years, and with the aid of Volkswagen, MAN have continued to produce innovative and exciting technology.
MAN truck video

The Truck and Bus division of the MAN Group is the largest in the company, and as such has become an international leader for technology and innovation. With awards such as ‘Truck of the Year’ won on multiple occasions, MAN boasts the kind of recognition unseen in any other truck manufacturers thanks primarily to the innovative technology.

By employing experts in the fields of satellite and traffic technology, MAN is constantly looking for ways to research and improve their current technology, ensuring it is always ahead of the pack. This often leads to many of the older trucks that can be found second-hand as being far ahead of the standard of other companies’ vehicles from a similar time, which means that MAN can give you more bang for your buck when it comes to gadgets.

Alongside the advanced technology found in all MAN trucks, MAN Truck dealers offer a tailored service that compliments the needs of each individual driver, leading to a smart long-term investment.

Which MAN truck is right for me?

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F2000 – The F2000 saw new technology installed for the first time in the form of the onboard computer which has gone on to be included as standard in the new TGA series.

L2000– The light weight L2000 includes four and six cylinder turbo charged engines, five and six gear gearboxes and air suspension, making it one of the most comfortable models to be produced in the period.

M2000– Known as the ‘all-round truck’, the M2000 is ideal for short to medium-haul. Practicality has been considered to the smallest detail with everything from the dashboard to the engine designed to be completely driver-oriented.

The TG Series

The TG series has been designed to include vehicles for all occasions using the most up-to-date technology to lead the way in innovation. With numerous ‘Truck of the Year’ awards given to the series, the TG Series is perhaps one of the best series of trucks on the road today.

TGA – This particular model is the most popular MAN truck currently on the road. A range of versions of this model are available, from the narrow-cabined versions (‘C’, ‘L’ and ‘LX’) to wide-cabined versions, allowing the driver to choose a cabin that fits their every need. Perfect for varied jobs.

TGL – The TGL model is MAN’s current lightweight model with vehicles ranging from 7.5 tonnes to 12 tonnes. The TGL is the modern replacement for the highly successful L2000 series, with engine specifications of 4.6 litre, 4-cylinder D08 engine and EGR technology.

TGM – The TGM is the mid-weight offering from MAN at the moment with weight options between 15 and 26 tonnes. The engine is the MAN D08 6.9 litre engine with 6-cyllinders, rated with a horse power of 340.

TGS – This heavy-duty model comes in weighing between 18 to 41 tonnes, and comes with on and off road applications in the form of MAN’s innovative Hydrodrive. Two engine choices are available; the first is a 10.5-litre, 6-cylinder engine, and the second a 12.4-litre with a choice of 440hp or 540hp.

TGX – The TGX is the top-weight offer from MAN and aimed at intercontinental drivers. Various engine choices are available, including the popular 10.5-litre D20 with a horse-power of 360 or 400, and the more powerful 12.4-litre D26 with 440 horse-power.

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MAN Box Vans

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MAN Curtainsiders

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MAN Tippers

MAN tippers can be a good choice when it comes to durability or pulling power, providing a reliable way to transport loads consisting of various materials across tarmac, dirt tracks, gravel drives and uneven surfaces of all kinds. These machines are made for harsh conditions and find regular use across construction sites the world over. You can find used MAN models released in the recent past... Read more

MAN Tractor Unit

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MAN TGA Tractor Unit

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MAN TGX Tractor Unit

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