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Low loaders fulfil the dual purpose of carrying loads which are both heavier and taller than average, ensuring that a range of equipment and machinery can be transported safely and legally. These trailers can be coupled with standard truck cabs, but they feature a load deck that drops lower after the wheels so that the load bed can be much closer to the road surface. Low loaders can be purchased second-hand, but not before the buyer has checked up on the specifications, assessed which type of trailer is suitable for their needs and compared the various options to ensure that the equipment they need to transport can be accommodated.

Low loaders cross into several other trailer categories, with some models offering extendable frames that can be adjusted to allow for oversized machinery to ride on board. Models may also feature beavertail ramps at the rear, with pneumatic or hydraulic rams allowing this to be raised and lowered remotely for added convenience. Flip toe ramps are not out of the question for this type of trailer, while outriggers may be present, improving stability during loading and unloading. And with very heavy payloads destined for this type of trailer, it is crucial that operators are made aware of the features and benefits on offer.

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Trailer Montracon Other For Sale
5 1
Trailer Montracon Other For Sale POA
£45.92 Weekly
2001 | Low Loaders Montracon Low loader For Sale stepframe triaxle ROR drums Manual ramps with spring damping 9 tonne front winch Air bellows ramp in the step to take you up onto the front deck Pull out out riggers. Montracon Low Loader; Montracon Machinary Carrier for Sale 1 cu yd Fitted 3x ROR axles.On Air suspension. On Drum brakes and Steel wheelsn/a cover fitted.
Newton Trailer Sales
Trailer Dennison Low Loader
Trailer Dennison Low Loader POA
Commercial Trucks Ltd
2016 | Low Loaders 2016 Low Loader, Air-assist top deck ramp, Flip-toe Rear Ramps, Side Shift, BPW Axles, Drum Brakes
Trailer Andover  SFCL36
Trailer Andover SFCL36 £8,750.00
1997 | Low Loaders Andover triaxle stepframe lowloader,beavertail + hyd flip tow ramps,winch,12 months test.
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer KING
Trailer KING POA
2006 | Low Loaders GTS44 Low Loader, 13.6m, Triaxle, 17.5” Wheels, Hydraulic Ramps, Gigant Axles, Drum Brakes
Trailer ARB Tri Axle Lowloader Trailer
Trailer ARB Tri Axle Lowloader Trailer £11,950.00
1999 | Low Loaders | 44000kg 1999 ARB Tri Axle Stepframe Plant/Machinery Low Loader Trailer, Hydraulic Ramps, Outriggers, Rear Lift Axle, Drum Brakes Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
Trailer King Drop Neck Lowloader
Trailer King Drop Neck Lowloader £4,950.00
Low Loaders King Tandem Axle Low Loader, Hydraulic Removable Neck, Springs Suspension, Lister Engine
Law Exports Ltd
Trailer King  GTL70-03
Trailer King GTL70-03 POA
2005 | Low Loaders 2005 King GTL70 triaxle lowloader,fully power steered,autolube,rear trough,pto & electric power pack,full set of marker boards & lights,excellent condition.
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer Specialist WYTS
Trailer Specialist WYTS £4,995.00
1994 | Low Loaders | 37000kg LOW LOADER TRAILER (ID C150122), Year 1994, low loader trailer, 13.70 metres long, 37 tonnes, with pull out ramps and electric winch.
GS International Trucks Ltd
Trailer Kassbohrer Extendable Low Loader
Trailer Kassbohrer Extendable Low Loader POA
2016 | Low Loaders Fifth wheel height - 1,250mm External Length - 13,190mm Platform extension length - 6,000mm Extension locks - Every 500mm Tare weight - 12,070kgs Width 2,550mm + 600mm Side extensions Gross vehicle weight - Technical - (@60 km/hr) 52,800kgs SAF Axles - 2 fixed, 1 self steer 1st Axle lift Wabco braking system Spare wheel & tyre 45mm Hardwood floor 2" Kingpin Long hydraulic ramps with
HRVS Beechs Kassbohrer
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Low Loader TrailerCheck Trailer Suspension

Another element which requires inspection is the suspension. More affordable low loaders will be outfitted with steel springs, which do the job but may ultimately lead to more stress and strain being transferred to the frame of the trailer, resulting in additional wear and tear. Air suspension is preferable for smoother operation, better shock absorption and a greater degree of real-time adjustability, but it will make the trailer more expensive and could also be costlier to maintain. Some models even feature hydraulic suspension systems, with independent suspension and power steering being the most desirable set-up for larger trailers. No matter which approach is taken, it is necessary for used low loaders to be thoroughly checked over to ensure that the suspension is in good condition.

Many different types of equipment and machinery can be loaded on to this type of trailer, making them suitable for deployment in a variety of industries. From agricultural machines to excavators, bulldozers and other plant staples, even the smallest low loader trailers can accommodate payloads of six tonnes or more, ensuring that there is a good degree of flexibility afforded to users. A tri-axle set-up is normal for small and mid range models, while five- and six-axle models can also be found at the upper end of the market.

What to Check When Buying Used Low Loaders

The weight borne by the trailer frame will be quite significant sometimes, so be sure to take into account its structural integrity when perusing second-hand models. Also check the coupling, hydraulics and any other controls that may need to be linked to the cab. At the end of the day, the type of equipment you need to transport should be used to help you identify the best second-hand low loader trailer for your needs.

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