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Operators of Jetter systems on trucks are used to flush out sewers and other systems - It's specialist kit and can come with a vacuum tank system. And, of course, it helps if this equipment is portable, because problems with such things can crop up at many different locations. This is where jetter trucks come into play, providing powerful jetting units attached to resilient and reliable chassis and cabs.

They make it easy to combat drainage issues wherever they emerge. As you would expect, it is important to look for a high level of quality when selecting a used jetter truck, because the kind of features on offer are unique to this body type and will be expensive to repair if something goes awry.

Jetter trucks may be equipped with unusual kit at the rear, but up front the cabs tend to be built by well-known manufacturers, which means they are both practical and equipped to ensure that crews are comfortable and satisfied while on the job. In fact, many of these trucks will have had the jetter unit mounted by a third party in order to adapt it for use in sewer maintenance. 

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Scania P Series 99   P230 4X2 COMBINATION JETTER/AC TANK
Scania P Series 99 P230 4X2 COMBINATION JETTER/AC TANK £9,950.00
1999 | Jetter 99 v Scania p230 4×2 combination jetter/vac tank ford 4 cyl power pack £9950
North Norfolk Vehicle Solution
F W Harrison Commercials Ltd

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Jetter TruckSo establishing how well the cab is married to the unit at the rear and whether these parts were built to last and maintained will help you when it comes to deciding which second-hand vehicle is a good deal. There are even panel van jetters that seem fairly innocuous from the outside but have had equipment fitted in the load space to allow more specialist work to be carried out, although the more limited space and load-bearing capabilities of such trucks mean that they are better suited to smaller jobs.

Jetter Volume Important

For jetters of all kinds, it is essential to consider the volume of the jetting unit when you are making a purchase, because this will play a big part in determining the amount of water it can contain and thus how long it will last out in the field. The same goes for the power of the pump which propels the liquid from the vehicle and through the accompanying hosing. This is usually handled by an auxiliary engine unit, with different horsepower ratings influencing the maximum pressure of the jet. You can even find dedicated fire-fighting vehicles as part of this category, since they of course have high-capacity jetting units to pump liquid in large quantities, so there are models for almost any type of commercial use.

A jetter may not only be harnessed for pumping liquid but also put in reverse to provide suction where it is required. A second-hand converted van or full jetter truck with large crew cab will need to be subjected to a decent level of scrutiny, allowing buyers to ensure that the various systems are functional, the piping, hosing and gauges are all intact and any conversion work has been carried out in a professional way. If everything is in order, then a used jetter will let the new owner pump and suck liquid and other materials across a range of jobs, all while on board a vehicle which is designed to cover long distances.

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