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The Iveco Eurotrakker range may have been supplanted by newer models, but it retains a place in the used market and so can still be chosen to occupy roles within a variety of organisations. These trucks come with a number of body types, including concrete mixers, skip lifters, tippers and flatbeds with integrated cranes.

Vehicle weights start at 18 tonnes and hit 41 tonnes for the heaviest bodies and highest-capacity load spaces. And with second-hand Eurotrakker trucks still operating across the continent, there are normally a lot of sellers willing to part ways with a reliable used unit from Iveco. So buying new does not need to be your only choice in the modern marketplace.

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Iveco Eurotrakker  340E35H
Iveco Eurotrakker 340E35H £7,995.00
2002 | Tippers 340E 35H Cargo 8x4 Tipper, (N99 HYD) year 2002, 32 tonnes, 16 speed ZF Gearbox, hub reduction, on springs, day cab, steel Boweld body, clock reads 462424 kms. H: 3.60 W: 2.50 L: 9.70 metres, Axle Type: 8x4
GS International Trucks Ltd
Iveco Eurotrakker  360
Iveco Eurotrakker 360 POA
2007 | Tippers | 32000kg Iveco Eurotrakker 360 8x4 Steel Body Tipper - Auto Gearbox - 395000km - Choice of 2 Tippers
Willenhall Commercials Ltd

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Regardless of the body built on to the rear, the Eurotrakker family is defined by Iveco’s reputation for reliability and cost-efficiency, both in terms of the resale price and also elements such as fuel consumption. Euro 1, 2 and 3 engines are featured on this long-running range, with each subsequent generation of technology helping to lessen the environmental impact of a truck’s operation while still giving it the power required to pull loads across all terrains. In particular, this level of off-road robustness was key to the design of this entire range. Reinforcements to the chassis, in addition to insulation on the body components of tipper models in particular, can be sought when buying second-hand. Supple suspension and air brakes are also common on many models, although contacting a seller for specific details about a used Eurotrakker is sensible for maximum transparency.

Specialised variants of the Eurotrakker range allow for enhancements to operational efficiency, including via the inclusion of additional equipment which can reduce the burden on the operator and minimise loading and unloading times. Hook lifts, cranes and even excavators are features of some units, letting loose materials, skips and other loads be managed effectively even if there are no other pieces of equipment to hand. And with all-wheel drive available as an option, getting to grips with surfaces that might offer low levels of traction is a breeze.

For Eurotrakker models with tipper or mixer bodies, checking out the volume of the load space is just as necessary as finding out the maximum payload that can be managed. In addition, you will want to look out for models that have been refurbished and well maintained over the years, as there are clearly certain problems that can arise with used models which you will want to avoid. Aside from seeking out a mechanically sound Iveco truck, it may also be important for your operation to procure a vehicle which has been looked after aesthetically, with a fresh coat of paint on the body a sign that care has been taken to make it presentable.

The post-2000 iterations of the Eurotrakker benefited from the updated Iveco engine technology that was developed around this time which delivers better torque and power while easing off on fuel consumption. This is another factor to keep in mind when buying second-hand.

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