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Here you will find a collection of research studies built up over time covering trucks and transport.

Report: The environmental impact of UK Logistics & Transport


Introduction Trucks - environment

In the UK, millions of vehicles are used, and indeed depended upon, each and every day. Be it to transport goods, commute or quite simply for leisure purposes, each different type of vehicle plays a significant role for the country’s logistics.

This paper will explore the use and importance of some of the most commonly used domestic vehicles, both passenger and freight, and assess their individual impact on the environment.

After analysing a variety of different vehicles, this study will go on to offer recommendations and advice for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and, in turn, protect the environment.


Owing largely to their ability to carry both large and small goods, trucks are arguably the most popular means of commercial transportation. As the only type of freight vehicle that can transport goods directly to the door, trucks benefit from being both flexible and reliable. Not only is this type of vehicle vital for businesses, but for employment too.

There are approximately 300,000 truck drivers in the UK, along with many thousands more who are also employed in the road haulage industry. These include dealers and parts suppliers, as well as maintenance and managerial staff…..   

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Environmental Transport Report - Trucklocator