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Hot box trucks are ideal for road maintenance, keeping tarmac in a malleable state so that it can be distributed effectively and without delay. When you are looking to buy a used hot box truck, remember that the kind of work it will have seen is likely to leave a mark or two, as well as put the chassis and complex mechanisms through their paces. So selecting a second-hand vehicle which is clearly capable of being used without facing significant maintenance costs in the near future is a sensible approach.

Used hot box trucks should be chosen by buyers based primarily on the capacity that is available in the chambers of the hot box itself, as well as any additional features that this important component may offer. The box will often be permanently affixed to the chassis, and there are many rigid-bodied models available. Some hot box trucks come with a tipper mechanism built in to allow the box to be reoriented during use, thus providing improved access to the materials contained within.

Many hot box bodies are made up of two chambers, although different configurations are available and you will need to base your choice on what you will need from the vehicle. The same goes for the capacity, because hot box trucks can range between 7.5 tonnes and 26 tonnes, allowing buyers to pick models that can tackle small, medium-sized and large jobs appropriately

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Mercedes-Benz Unknown 2008 (08) MERCEDES 2629 DEMOUNTABLE ECON GRITTER/H
Mercedes-Benz Unknown 2008 (08) MERCEDES 2629 DEMOUNTABLE ECON GRITTER/H £24,000.00
2008 | Hot Boxes 6 X 4. Double drive. 49000kms. As new. Good all rounder. Demountable twin auger hotbox available at extra cost, very little use
DAF CF75 CF 75.310
DAF CF75 CF 75.310 POA
2008 | Hot Boxes DAF CF 75.310 6x4, 08 Reg, Econ hot twin chamber, Equipment newer than chassis, MOT August 2017, Equipment also tested August 17, Inspected ready to go. Hot Boxes
Bickford Truck Services
DAF LF55    55 220 4X2 HOTBOX
DAF LF55 55 220 4X2 HOTBOX POA
2002 | Hot Boxes | 18000kg 2002 02 DAF 55 220 4X1 18T HOTBOX, TWIN WORM ( SCREW ) 340,000 KLMS, STEEL SUSPENSION, DAYCAB, MANUAL GEARBOX.
JGE Truck & Plant Ltd

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Look out for any damage or signs of issues with the operation of the hot box body, including with the hydraulics if a tipper mechanism is also present. You should not attempt to use this type of vehicle in a way that exceeds the operational limitations of the chassis and on-board equipment, so you should also seek to buy a used hot box truck which has not been put under a strain by its previous owner. The hot box itself should be capable of maintaining the temperature of the material within, irrespective of the external conditions, which is why it needs to be both well insulated and accurately controlled by a thermostat. If any of these elements are not fully operational, then the truck itself will not be fit for purpose.

When it comes to cabs, a typical hot box truck will feature a day cab capable of accommodating three people. There are also crew cabs on certain models, which may be convenient if you want to keep all of your road crew in the same vehicle for the sake of efficiency, especially if the job is going to need to have a lot of people taking it on simultaneously. A used hot box truck should be expected to have a tidy and largely intact cab, whatever the number of seats on board. Make sure that any used truck you consider is well maintained and has the features you need, whether it is 12 months old or has 12 years of service under its belt. Modern models may offer benefits such as reversing cameras and in-cab tech, but a well-maintained older model is just as practical underneath it all.

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