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Specifically designed for equestrian transport, horseboxes must be capable of accommodating live, valuable cargo in comfort. Some may have doubled up to transport other forms of livestock, and there are various sizes, shapes and configurations available when buying used examples.

Trucks adapted for horsebox duty will often have been in the stewardship of a single owner for many years, in which case there should be a good history available of the servicing and maintenance they have received. But even with all of the documentation present, you will want to make a careful selection when buying second-hand. You will also need to buy horseboxes based on the specifications you require, which means that knowing the market as well as your own needs is an advantage.

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Horseboxes can face varied conditions, travelling long distances on the tarmac before being taken on to uneven surfaces when they reach their destination. So when buying used examples, check that things such as the tyres and suspension have not suffered too much as a result of previous deployments. Also look for physical damage to the chassis and body of the truck that could have been caused by impacts from the outside or jolts from the inside delivered by the animals themselves.

Check the Maintenance

A horsebox will often feature a standard truck cab and chassis with a custom-built box fixed to the rear, providing space for the horses and meeting whatever requirements the original buyer dictated. Newer models with a good record of maintenance and careful use can be in good condition, but you should check to see whether any warranties are still in place for the truck and the box, or if these are covered by two separate guarantees. All of this information should be supplied willingly by the seller.

Check the Spec'

The most important feature of any used horsebox will be the number of animals it is designed to accommodate, as this will determine whether or not it will be suitable for your needs. For the heavier horseboxes the capacity is obviously higher, with five or six horses capable of being accommodated within. Another thing which could determine which vehicle you buy is the number of doors that are present on the box. More doors will make it easier to load and unload animals, as well as allowing them to be kept separate during transport. More recent models will be better equipped in this area, although adapted vehicles which were previously used for other forms of commercial deployment may be just as well equipped. It is merely a case of checking the description carefully.

Different cabs, including day cabs, crew cabs and even full sleepers, can be found on used horseboxes. Watch for the state of the engine and in-cab equipment, including things such as air conditioning, CD players and electric elements in recent vehicles. Safety equipment such as airbags and other additions may also be present and desirable. A horsebox which has been recently taxed and tested is a good option to pick if you want to minimise the cost of ownership and avoid expenses.

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