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The hookloader is a fairly specialist truck that is often used to load waste containers. They are sometimes found on car transporters and can be used to pull on different types of truck bodies. They are most often found in the demolition, recycling, scrap and waste industries, where they are normally used with tilt frame bodies. The hookloader uses a number of hydraulic rams to hook on to the chosen container and then hoist it on to its own chassis.

The lift capacities of the hookloader are normally between 3.5 and 30 tonnes. These limits are most often the same for both lifting and lowering on to the ground, but this can change when the hookloader is of a short wheelbase configuration. The load capacity is also a function of the ratio between the length of chassis and length of container being hoisted. This will decide the angle of loading operations.

The hookloader manufacturer will typically recommend a difference in container and body lengths of around 1 to 1.5 metres. If the container body is much shorter than these recommendations, then the load angle becomes steeper and the maximum allowable weight is reduced. The height of the hookloader chassis is also important in this regard.

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Volvo FM 400
Volvo FM 400 £12,500.00
2007 | Hookloaders 2007 FM400, 8x4 Hookloader, EDBRO Equipment c/w Easy Sheet, Automatic Box, Any Inspection Welcome.
Renault Kerax  430DXI
Renault Kerax 430DXI £24,750.00
2011 | Hookloaders 8x4 Roll on/off, EDBRO equipment c/w Transcover Easy Sheet, Low Mileage, Any Inspection welcome.
Volvo FM 400
Volvo FM 400 £12,500.00
2007 | Hookloaders 8x4 Hookloader, EDBRO Equipment c/w Easy Sheet, Automatic Box, Any Inspection Welcome.
Scania R Series R480
Scania R Series R480 POA
2009 | Hookloaders R480 2009 (09) Sleeper Cab, 8x4 Hook Loader, Hyva Equipment, Full Drawbar Spec, Auto Cover Sheet, Rear View Camera, GRS 900 Manual Gearbox, Upright Exhaust, Air Con, Steering Wheel Controls, Alloy Wheels, 85% Tyres, One Company Owned, Excellent Condition.8x4
Mercedes-Benz Actros  3236 8x4 Hook Loader
Mercedes-Benz Actros 3236 8x4 Hook Loader POA
2009 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Hyva Hook Equipment With Easy Sheet System, Hub Reduction Rear Axles, EPS Automatic Gear Box, Air Weigh Axle Weigher, Reverse Camera, Cruise Control, Air Con, Parrot Hands Free Kit RIGIDS
Scania 4 Series P114-340
Scania 4 Series P114-340 POA
2004 | Hookloaders P114 340 2004 (54) Euro 4 LEZ Compliant, 8x4 Hook Loader, Multilift Equipment, 8 Speed Manual Gearbox With Crawler, Cruise Control, Upright Exhaust, Sun Visor, Air Con, Electric Windows / Mirrors, 410,000 Miles, Excellent Condition For Year.8x4
MAN TGS 35.360
MAN TGS 35.360 £36,950.00
S Briggs Commercials
Renault Kerax
Renault Kerax POA
First Choice Commercials
DAF CF85 .410
DAF CF85 .410 POA
2012 | Hookloaders | 32000kg CF85.410 8 X 4 HOOKLOADER 2012 Hyvalift Hookloader, Hyva Autosheet, Hub Reduction, Tool Storage, Reverse Camera, Rear Work Light, Exterior Sunvisor, Beacon Bar, Vertical Exhaust, VBG Drawbar Hitch, Air Conditioning, Parrott Hands Free Kit, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Defrost Mirror, Sunroof, CD+Radio+USB - Stock Ref:- R394 - MOT Expiry:- 31/07/2018
C J Leonard
Scania P Series P340
Scania P Series P340 POA
2002 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Boughton hook loader with sheeting system - direct from councilMoT Due Mar 18log book present
Hopkinsons Fairdeals Ltd
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Mercedes HookloaderA lower chassis produces a lower load angle and hence increases the permissible weight. A long body and low chassis gives the greatest lift capacity. The final factor to consider for lift capacity is the height of the hook. A higher hook will give larger dump and lift capacities.

The hookloader has a number of key components to consider. The hydraulic system is the obvious one. The most common set-up here is a high-pressure, low-volume system, which uses a smaller pump and reservoir and hence saves space on the tight chassis and maximises load area. Normally, you will find these systems rated at 4,000 to 5,800 psi.

The jib system is usually controlled by a solo hydraulic cylinder and either a single or double pivoting rear section. Two main types of jib are typically in use. The sliding jib has a single arm, with a telescopic tube within a tube set-up. When extended, this design pulls the body or container forward and engages the rear locks. Retracting the cylinder pushes the body or container forward, releasing the rear locks. The second type of jib is the articulating version, or tilting jib. This is a simple A-frame set-up, which pushes the container or body up and back when extended, exiting from the rear locks. When the cylinder is retracted, the container or body is pulled forward and engages the rear locks.

The rear pivot section comes in either single or double set-up. The single pivot is a simpler system. Here every function of the hookloader system is performed relative to the system’s single pivot point, situated in front of the rear axle. The single rear pivot system prevents tip dumping operations. This tip dumping facility is offered by the dual rear pivot system, which typically pivots behind the rear axle at the rear of the hoist. Prong or slide rear lock types and single or dual lift cylinders complete what is quite a complex set-up for the typical hookloader.

This mechanism is obviously crucial to the operation of the used hookloader and should be checked out and thoroughly understood before any purchase.

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