Extendable Trailer Trucks For Sale

Although standard platform trailers are suitable in many instances, for loads that exceed typical lengths it is necessary to invest in extendable trailers that are versatile enough to cope with many different scenarios. When loads cannot be divided, an extendable trailer is the best solution. And modern models offer intelligently designed extension mechanisms which can help them to increase their lengths incrementally to the correct extent dictated by the load in question.

One of the special features of some extendable trailer types is the inclusion of self-tracking rear axles which are designed to make cornering easier to achieve, even in relatively tight turns. The added length of this type of trailer means that manoeuvrability has to be compromised to a degree, but features such as this can help to combat practical limitations. Rear ramps and even tail lifts can be found on these models as well, making loading and unloading just as convenient as it would be when using a standard platform trailer. 

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First Choice Commercials
Trailer Faymonville  STN-4AU
Trailer Faymonville STN-4AU £28,750.00
2011 | Extendable Trailer 2011 Faymonville 4 axle stepframe extendable, beavertail + hyd fliptow ramps,2 steer axles, nice condition
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer Nooteboom  90 Ton Lowloader
Trailer Nooteboom 90 Ton Lowloader POA
Extendable Trailer Nooteboom 90 ton 4 axle extendable bed power steered lowloader,hyd neck & suspension,rear trough,nice condition.
Thomtrucks Ltd
DAF LF55 55.220
DAF LF55 55.220 POA
2006 | Extendable Trailer Daf Skip loader with multilift extendable arm equipment, mot till 31 July 17, manual gearbox
Trailer Nooteboom  MCO-85-06V/Z
Trailer Nooteboom MCO-85-06V/Z POA
2005 | Extendable Trailer Nooteboom 6 axle 43.5m double extendable stepframe,full power steering with override,BPW axles on hydraulic suspension,excellent condition
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer 2013 Montracon Tri Axle Extendable Step Frame
Trailer 2013 Montracon Tri Axle Extendable Step Frame £26,500.00
2013 | Extendable Trailer Max Overall Lentgh 20mtr, Rear Steer Axle, November M.O.T, Bolsters, 8 x Twist Locks, Spare Wheel Carrier, 48000kgs GVW Special Types, Wide Load Pull Out Marker Boards, Trailer Opens 6.3mtr, BPW Axles, Drum Brakes TRAILERS
Trailer Broshius  75 Ton 4 axle
Trailer Broshius 75 Ton 4 axle £8,000.00
Extendable Trailer | 75000kg Broshius 75 Ton 4 axle stepframe extendable, steel suspension,ideal for export.
Thomtrucks Ltd
Trailer Crane Fruehauf EXTENDABLE FLATBED
Trailer Crane Fruehauf EXTENDABLE FLATBED £2,000.00
F W Thomas

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Extending TrailerSecond-hand extendable trailers need to be inspected to check that whatever systems they have are working properly and that there are no signs of corrosion or excessive damage to the framework, doors and other elements.

The ability of an extendable trailer to be configured to different lengths can rely on a number of important underlying mechanisms. Some models will have a specific set of two or three different modes into which the trailer can be placed, with additional length locked in at preset point. Others will have a more fluid approach, letting the extension occur on a sliding scale so that loads can be accommodated precisely and no extra overhang will remain. Certain models will be equipped with other beneficial features, including storage lockers in which tools and other equipment can be kept when not in use. So as with any trailer intended for commercial use, you will have a range of options available to you when you are buying an extendable unit.

Trailer ExtendedWhen it comes to the kinds of loads that extendable trailers will accept, this really depends on the industry within which they are destined to operate. In particular, the transport of large construction equipment from one site to the next, as well as mining equipment and agricultural machinery which is too large to fit on to standard trailers, will be catered for by an extendable model. Wheel wells integrated into the neck of some low-loader trailers will make it especially simple to keep wheeled equipment in a safe and secure position during transit.

If you are purchasing an extendable trailer on its own, then you will need to check up on the physical integrity of the frame and consider the state of the tyres, suspension and other mechanisms. If hydraulic ramps or lifts are present, these should be tested and checked for any leaks. If a cab is included, further inspections must be carried out to ensure that it is serviceable and suitable for use once you have taken possession of the trailer truck.

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