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The dropsides is a venerable truck, having been around on the nation’s roads for many decades. It is one of the earliest forms of truck and is still around probably due to its versatility. The design of the dropsides is pretty simple. Essentially, it can be regarded as simply a flatbed truck with a little added security for the load. In addition to the flatbed itself, the dropsides has containing walls to the rear and the sides. These are usually fairly modest in depth, allowing easy opening and access to the load.

The dropsides can be loaded and unloaded from the sides or from the rear and even from above. This makes it extremely flexible when planning routes compared to box vans, which need to be loaded and unloaded in order from the rear. It also makes the dropsides potentially quicker to unload, with many forklifts able to unload from all sides at once. The ability to unload from the sides can also make the dropsides a popular option for site work, where access can be tight. Many dropsides take advantage of their open nature by including an onboard crane. This can make them extremely efficient on multi-drop routes, as they don't need to wait for a forklift to become available for unloading to take place.

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Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 EEV
Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 EEV POA
2011 | Dropsides | 7500kg This Iveco 75E16 EEV EUROCARGO commercial vehicle seats 3; The gearbox is Automatic; Length: 20ft; Kms: 158428; Bhp: 160; D.O.R: 24.09.2011; MOT expiry: April 2016; Engine Cc: 3920; Euro: 5; LEZ: Compliant
Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 EEV
Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 EEV POA
2011 | Dropsides | 7500kg This Iveco 75E16 EEV EUROCARGO commercial vehicle seats 3; The gearbox is Automatic; Extra Details: Alloy Dropside Side, Safety Bars, Dropwell x 2 for Cones; Length: 20ft; Kms: 163130; Bhp: 160; Engine Cc: 3920; Euro: 5; LEZ: Compliant
MAN TGM 18.240
MAN TGM 18.240 POA
2010 | Dropsides | 18000kg This MAN 18.240 TGM commercial vehicle seats 2; The gearbox is Automatic; Length: 21ft; Kms: 141000; Bhp: 240; Suspension: Air; Crane: HMF 1300 Remote; Brick Grab: Kinshofer KM 331; Reach: 4.3 mts - 2700 Kgs 6.3 mts - 1820 Kgs - 8.3 mts - 1020 Kgs; MOT: March 2016; D.O.R: 24.09.2010; Euro: 5; LEZ: Compliant
Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 EEV
4 1
Iveco Eurocargo 75E16 EEV POA
2011 | Dropsides | 7500kg This Iveco 75E16 EEV EUROCARGO commercial vehicle seats 3; The gearbox is Automatic; Length: 21ft; Extra details: Alloy Drospide, Tie Rings in floor; Kms: 98697; Bhp: 160; Engine Cc: 3920; D.O.R: 01.09.2011; MOT Expiry: June 2016; Euro : 5; LEZ: Compliant
DAF LF55 55-250
DAF LF55 55-250 POA
Trucks 2 Go Limited
DAF LF55 55.220 LF
DAF LF55 55.220 LF POA
2012 | Dropsides | 18000kg This DAF 55.220 LF commercial vehicle seats 3; The gearbox is 6 Speed manual; Extra Details: Steel Dropside Tipper, Thompsons Body, 3 Chutes, Harsh Cover; Kms: 47691; Bhp: 220; Unladen Weight: 7,600 Kgs; Payload: 10,400 Kgs; MOT expiry: April 2016; D.O.R: 01.03.2012; Euro: 5; LEZ: Compliant
Mercedes-Benz Atego 1823
Mercedes-Benz Atego 1823 POA
2004 | Dropsides | 18000kg Day cab.6 speed Manual gearbox. Tested. 26ft Alloy Drop sided body.
SJB Trucks Ltd
DAF LF45 FA LF45.150 4x2 Rigid
DAF LF45 FA LF45.150 4x2 Rigid £6,750.00
2006 | Dropsides | 7490kg 2006 DAF LF45.150 20FT ALUMINIUM DROPSIDE BODY !!! LOW KMS Diesel •Rigid Trucks •249,000 km •Dropside •7,500 kg GVW •Diesel •Right Hand Drive •3 Seats •Clean Body Condition •50% Tyre Condition •MOT Until 11/2015 •2006 (06 Reg) •4x2 •Day cab •150 HP •Manual •White •Clean Overall Condition •Clean Interior Condition •1 Owner This DAF
Atlantic Commercials
Isuzu NQR 7500kg
Isuzu NQR 7500kg £5,950.00
2005 | Dropsides | 7500kg Day Cab, 3 Seats, Manual Gearbox, 21ft Alloy Drop Sides body, Ideal Scaffold'er Wagon, September 2015 MOT, Ready To Work, Call!
SJB Trucks Ltd
DAF LF45 7.5 TON   LF 45
DAF LF45 7.5 TON LF 45 POA
2008 | Dropsides | 7500kg DAF LF 45, 7.5 TON, Manual Gearbox, 2008/08. Beaver Tail Body, Aluminium Dropside, Winch, Double flip ramps. VGC. REF TG0902 HGV
T G Commercials
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DAF DropsideThe very versatility of the dropsides does, however, impose limitations. Because it is open, the loads on the dropsides are exposed to the elements. Clearly, this can be addressed by ropes and sheeting, but it can still make the dropsides unsuited to carrying delicate goods. The open nature of the dropsides also makes it less secure and loads are open to the gaze of potential thieves. Again, this makes it less suited to carrying valuable loads when the truck may be left unattended, either for short breaks or overnight.

Many dropsides will therefore find a home in the scaffold yard or builder's merchant, where loads such as aggregates are ideal for the dropsides characteristics. Aggregate loads are usually pretty impervious to the weather and are not valuable enough or light enough to make attractive targets for thieves. They are also well restrained by the sides and rear of the truck. Some dropsides come with tipping bodies to make short work of unloading these aggregates. The dropsides is also ideal for palletised loads, such as paving or bricks. 

Traffic management dropside

The sides themselves may be constructed from aluminium to save some weight, and care should always be taken to examine their condition when buying a used dropsides as repair or replacement can be expensive.

The dropsides comes in a variety of axle configurations, lengths and weight ratings. You will also find them with all sorts of cab types, from standard day cabs to crew cabs and sleeper cabs. It is a simple body type and is relatively easy to maintain and repair. With no real specialist equipment (assuming no crane or tipping body), a used dropsides should give years of excellent service. Being simple and relatively cheap, the dropsides truck lends itself well to the used-truck market. It is also extremely versatile and able to operate in many environments.

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