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The drawbar truck has long been popular across Europe but has yet to make the same impact in the UK. That may be set to change, however, as the government experiments with longer trucks. The drawbar combination is different from the standard tractor and semi trailer set up. With the drawbar, the front of the unit is a truck in its own right. It is a rigid-bodied truck, usually of 4x2 or 6x2 axle combination. This has its own load area, often a curtainsider or box van. The rigid truck is then joined to a second trailer unit by way of a drawbar. This is a rigid coupling which allows the tractive unit to pull the trailer.

The drawbar lorry combination can feature up to six axles and gross weights of 44 tonnes. The major benefit lies in the added volume available to the drawbar operator. This makes it possible to haul more per journey and so could be more productive where weight is not the limiting factor. The drawbar also has other benefits over a standard articulated tractor and semi trailer combination. Because the drawbar combination pivots in the middle, it can be more manoeuvrable in tight situations. This can allow it to access, for example, tight building site tracks, where a full-size artic may simply not be an option.


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Volvo FM 20FM13 440 Euro 5 6x2 Drawbar Flatbed
Volvo FM 20FM13 440 Euro 5 6x2 Drawbar Flatbed POA
2009 | Drawbars | 26000kg 6x2 Rear  Lift on twins, 26/44 ton drawbar spec,I shift gearbox, 9 TON Front axle, air conditioning, fitted 25` 6" flat with pull out, tool box, chequer plate floor, 57mm hitch, 5.2m w/base. Mileage 499,000kms MOT  MAY 2017
PM Commercials Ltd
DAF XF105 460 6X2 Curtainsided Drawbar Rig with Forklift Kit
DAF XF105 460 6X2 Curtainsided Drawbar Rig with Forklift Kit POA
2011 | Drawbars | 26000kg 6x2 Rear Lift and STEER, Super space cab, AS Tronic Grearbox, 9 TON front axle, air conditioning, Daf Phone Kit, Reverse Camera, Fridge,Microwave, alloy fuel tank,fitted 24` 10" x 10` curtainsided body with hardwood floor, and Moffett kit, 57mm air assist hitch. C/W 2011 Abel Tri axle 24 ton gross trailer, front lift BPW Axles on drum brakes, fitted 25` x 9` 7" curtainsided body barn
PM Commercials Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Axor  1843 4x2 Rigid Curtain
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1843 4x2 Rigid Curtain POA
2004 | Drawbars 24ft Long Body, 8.6ft Max Internal Height, Draw Bar Hitch, Air Con, 8 Speed Manual Gear Box, Air Con, Electric Windows, 6m Wheel Base, External Measurements, 3.9m High, 2.5m High, 10m Long,,, RIGIDS
DAF LF55 .220
DAF LF55 .220 POA
Trucks 2 Go Limited
Scania G Series 20G480 6X2 Rear Steer Drawbar Spec Chassis Cab
Scania G Series 20G480 6X2 Rear Steer Drawbar Spec Chassis Cab POA
2011 | Drawbars | 26000kg 6x2 Rear Lift AND STEER, 26/44 ton drawbar spec, 2 Pedal opticruise gearbox with Retarder, Exact Tacho, air conditioning, PTO Prepared, visor and bumper spots, 8.5 ton design front axle, twin tanks,alloy wheels, with 25` 8" chasiis cab 4.8m w/base,one owner. Mileage 536000 KMS MOT SEP 2017
PM Commercials Ltd
Volvo FM 410
Volvo FM 410 £12,950.00
2011 | Drawbars 2011 volvo fm 410 drawbar spec,auto gearbox,air con,front and rear air suspension,one owner from new,high mileage volvo maintained from new,nery clean truck ,£12.950+vat
Airport Autos (Hire Division)
DAF XF105 460 Super Space 6X2 Drawbar Container Rig
DAF XF105 460 Super Space 6X2 Drawbar Container Rig POA
2011 | Drawbars | 26000kg 6x2 rear lift on air (Twins) 9 TON front axle, fridge Air conditioning, AS Tronic gearbox, double bunk, combi and sky lights, 26/44 ton with 57mm air hitch, fitted 20` contaier carrying body C/W 2011 Dennison Tri axle 24 ton gross trailer BPW Axles on drums, front lift, front and rear landing legs with 20` twistlocks, one owner. Will seperate and lengthen to suit !! Mileage 450,000kms MOT December
PM Commercials Ltd
Scania R Series R480 Highline 6x4 Chassis cab Only 252000 kms !!
Scania R Series R480 Highline 6x4 Chassis cab Only 252000 kms !! POA
2013 | Drawbars 6x4 on steel suspension 26/44 ton 12 speed manual gearbox Retarder Air conditioning Double bunk 8.5 ton front axle PTO prepped 4.9m wheel base 24ft chassis cab Piped for drawbar Full Scania sevice history. 272000 kms MOT May 2017
PM Commercials Ltd
Trailer Wheelbase N/S
Trailer Wheelbase N/S POA
1992 | Drawbars DRAWBAR 58mm. Axle suspension: Air. The body is 25' long Stock No:4304
Rothdean Ltd
Trailer WHEELBASE WRC 2/18 Tandem Draw Bar Trailer
Trailer WHEELBASE WRC 2/18 Tandem Draw Bar Trailer POA
1999 | Drawbars 1999 WHEELBASE WRC 2/18 Tandem Axle Draw Bar Trailer, ROR axles witt 235/75 R17.5. Length 6310, Width 2500 Gross Weight 18T Trailers
Willenhall Commercials Ltd

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Drawbar tanker

The drawbar also has advantages in loading. When the rear trailer is disconnected, the drawbar is still a functioning C class truck. This means that in theory the drawbar can be disconnected to allow the truck to make deliveries while the trailer is being loaded, thus potentially saving some time on local routes and making the drawbar more productive. It has to be remembered, however, that the drawbar is not a demount, and when returning to base the truck unit would have to be reloaded. There are tax advantages too, with the drawbar being classified as a C class vehicle.

Clearly, the drawbar also has some perceived disadvantages. With two load areas, it can be more cumbersome and time-consuming to load. The front unit can be loaded first but then the driver must hook up to the rear trailer and manoeuvre it to the loading bay to have it loaded. 

Drawbar curtainsider

There are also differences in handling characteristics to consider. Many drivers report that reversing the drawbar in particular can be a more difficult manoeuvre than the equivalent movement on a standard tractor and semi trailer combination. It should be noted, however, that some drivers dispute this. It may be down to what the driver has been trained on and how experienced he is on the drawbar configuration.

The process of selecting a used drawbar is much like that of the equivalent rigid truck. There are many drawbar combinations, including box vans, curtainsides, dropsides, tankers and tippers. Clearly, the driver or operator must select the appropriate version for his business and then look at the size of drawbar required and number of axles. The operator should take care to inspect the drawbar mechanism and ensure the trailer and all of its mechanical components are up to scratch if buying a full combo.

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