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A used DAF LF dropside truck is not difficult to locate thanks to the prolific production of this firm as well as the popularity of its vehicles amongst commercial operators. And its dropside bodies come in a range of configurations, some of which are good for all-purpose use, while others offer equipment to make them a little more specialised.

The choice of wheelbases is similarly comprehensive, especially on the second-hand market, where models no longer in production can be found alongside newer stable mates. If you are looking for a compact and manoeuvrable dropside truck, then the DAF LF range should accommodate your needs.

New and nearly new DAF LF dropside trucks come with engines that are built to the standards set by the Euro 5 and 6 regulations governing emissions for greener operation and also improving fuel efficiency by a significant amount. So if you are going to be doing a lot of miles, the savings can really start to stack up nicely. 

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DAF LF45 26ft Triple Alloy Drop Side Flat Euro 5
DAF LF45 26ft Triple Alloy Drop Side Flat Euro 5 £8,750.00
2012 | Dropsides | 7500kg Adjustable steering wheel, Air brakes, Bulkhead (full), CD Player, Cruise control, Disc brakes, Dual passenger seat, Electric windows, Heated mirrors, Power steering, Rope hooks, Seat belts, Suspension - Leaf, Tachograph - Digital, DAF 45-160 Triple Alloy Drp Side 26ft Flat Body,3 Seated,Electric Windows,CD Player,Cruise Control,Heated Mirrors,Body Hooks,5speed Manual Gearbox,Steel
DH Commercials
DAF LF55 55LF.220
DAF LF55 55LF.220 POA
2008 | Dropsides | 18000kg - 4x2 18T Dropside Flatbed - Palinger PK18500 Crane - Day Cab - Automatic Gear Box
Cormac Leonard Commercials
DAF LF45 LF 45.160
DAF LF45 LF 45.160 POA
2008 | Dropsides DAF LF 45.160, 21 ft body, 12 months MOT, Manual gearbox, Reverse camera, 197032km, Inspected ready to go, Fall arrests, body ladder access n/s, split board,08 reg. Dropside Flats
Bickford Truck Services
DAF LF45 45LF.160
DAF LF45 45LF.160 POA
2011 | Dropsides | 7500kg - 4x2 7.5T Dropside Tipper - Thompsons Body - Day Cab - Automatic Gear Box
Cormac Leonard Commercials
DAF LF45 -160
DAF LF45 -160 POA
2012 | Dropsides | 7500kg A 7.5 tonne Daycab with a 20ft Alloy dropside body, Approx 240,000kms, Excellent Conditon MoT:**
James Hart (Chorley) Ltd
DAF LF45 -160
DAF LF45 -160 POA
2013 | Dropsides | 7500kg 7.5 Tonne Daycab, 26ft Alloy Dropside Flat body, 275,000kms, Excellent Condition MoT:**
James Hart (Chorley) Ltd
E M Rogers
DAF LF45 45 180 4x4 GS Dropside
DAF LF45 45 180 4x4 GS Dropside £5,950.00
1994 | Dropsides | 12000kg 1994 Leyland Daf GS 45 180 4x4 Crew Cab Dropside with Tent Canopy, 180hp Cummins Engine, Manual Fuel Pump, 5 Speed Manual Gearbox, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
DAF LF55 LF 55.220
DAF LF55 LF 55.220 POA
2011 | Dropsides | 18000kg 26'8" Dropside Euro 5 Adblue Digital Tacho Exhaust Brake Cruise Control Air Seats Air Conditioning Rear Air Suspension CD Stereo Electric Windows Electric Heated Mirrors £POA AVAILABLE WITH MODIFICATION/ENGINEERING IF NEEDED (PTO, Extension, Body building, Paintwork plus much more can be arranged and quoted) 3, 6, 9 OR 12 MONTHS DRIVELINE WARRANTY AVAILABLE FINANCE AVAILABLE -
CRS Trucks
DAF LF45 .160 4x2 Dropside Body
DAF LF45 .160 4x2 Dropside Body £11,950.00
2011 | Dropsides | 7500kg CD Player,Radio,Tachograph - Digital, Electric Windows,FADK,Heated Mirrors, Britcom
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The PACCAR engines with four or six cylinders are reliable and require minimal maintenance, which helps enhance the appeal of used models that can have a lot of miles on the clock and still be capable of covering many more without faltering.

The type of dropside body you want on a DAF LF truck depends on what you want to do with it. A standard rigid dropside body can be used to transport equipment and goods or collect and carry loose materials, bricks or any number of other products. There are dropside DAF models which have been adapted to feature curtainsider covers that keep the rear space weathertight, which could be an advantage. Some trucks will even come with built-in cranes to allow for the easy transfer of various materials to the loadspace. And as you would expect, it is important to check the state of the body of the vehicle to see that its construction remains solid and any extra features are in good working order. Smooth hydraulics, sturdy catches and an unscathed chassis are all to be desired.

The state of the cab is similarly important, as is assessing the type of equipment which is included. Some DAF LF dropsiders will feature day or crew cabs, while others offer full sleeper set-ups with one or two bunks. Although the interior looks stylish, DAF does not mess about when it comes to picking materials, and so its working vehicles are always easy to clean and maintain, even if they are used regularly. Newer models may feature benefits such as adjustable seats and steering column, an uncluttered and informative dash layout along with a powerful ventilation system which means that the interior is always at a consistent and comfortable temperature.

DAF LF dropsiders can weigh between 7.5 tonnes and 18 tonnes, with body lengths varying between 14 and 23 feet or more, depending on the specifications requested by the original owner. And with the manufacturer’s knowledge of what its customers need, you should find that there is very little to complain about, even in used models. Sellers that welcome inspection of second-hand DAF LF vehicles should be a priority.

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Dependable, Solid, tough 4/5 by Richard I have owned a couple of DAF Trucks and I must say I like every Bit of DAF Truck, when you do not short circuit servicing you have the truck for lifetime.I am a owner driver that's why I mention... Read full review
Was a brillient truck until 2015. 3/5 by Adam Mandy I used to be a truck driver mainly using the CF. With the 10 speed manual box and 250bhp under the toes, it was brilliant. Good cruising on the motorway, rock solid build and good consumption. Then... Read full review
OKay, but better out there 3/5 by Mike Pagan There's nothing wrong with a DAF in the same way that there's nothing wrong with Ford cars - which would you choose given the choice - a Ford Focus or a BMW 3 series? It's the same with DAF - I'd... Read full review


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