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DAF has built LF box vans to aid the distribution capabilities of various businesses for many years. And the used market is home to many models from this range, encompassing a range of body features, engines and wheelbases. While long-haul trucks are built for optimal efficiency on motorways, an LF box truck is better suited to taking on narrow urban streets, congested dual carriageways and twisting country lanes.

Because the LF family is so extensive, there are usually a lot of different second-hand models on offer. This makes it important to get a through rundown of the specifications to make the selection process easier.

There are three different cabs available on a DAF LF box van, with the standard day cab sitting alongside an extended day cab and a full sleeper cab. Some used models offer double-bunk sleeper configurations, meaning that they are surprisingly well suited to long-haul use in spite of the relatively compact size of the truck itself. 

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DAF LF45 55LF £9,750.00
T G Commercials
DAF LF45 FA LF45.140  4x2 Rigid
DAF LF45 FA LF45.140 4x2 Rigid £4,750.00
2007 | Box Vans | 7490kg 57 PLATE LF 45.140 BOX TRUCK WITH TAIL LIFT 399000 MILES MOT UNTIL 1ST FEBRUARY 2017 GOOD CONDITION ANY INSPECTION WELCOME PRICE £4750 CURRENTLY WE HAVE OVER 100 TRUCKS IN STOCK For More Trucks Like This Please See Our Website TEL: 07757689678 Call / Sms / Whatsapp 24h From Abroad: 00447757689678 Call/Sms / Whatsapp 24h WE CAN DELIVER THIS TRUCK TO ANY PLACES IN UK ARRANGE
CVE London
DAF LF55  -220
DAF LF55 -220 POA
2009 | Box Vans 18 ton Hotbox with Econ Body ex council excellent condition.
Albion Trucks & Plant Ltd
DAF LF45 LF 45.160
DAF LF45 LF 45.160 POA
2013 | Box Vans | 7500kg This DAF LF 45.160 commercial vehicle seats 3; The gearbox is 5 Speed manual; The taillift is rated at: 1000 Kgs Del column; Rear doors: Roller shutter; Length: 20ft; Kms: 122669; Bhp: 160; D.O.R: 01.08.2013; MOT: New 12 months ; Euro: 5; LEZ: Compliant
DAF LF45 45.160 LF EEV
DAF LF45 45.160 LF EEV POA
2013 | Box Vans | 7500kg No of Seats: 3; The gearbox is 5 Speed Manual; Previous Owners: One; Length: 20ft; The taillift is rated at: 1000kgs Tuckaway; Rear Doors: Roller Shutters; Kms: 172,681; D.O.R.: 06/2013; Engine CC: 4461; Euro: 5
DAF LF45 FA LF45.160 4x2 Rigid
DAF LF45 FA LF45.160 4x2 Rigid POA
DAF LF45 .140
DAF LF45 .140 POA
2011 | Box Vans | 7500kg No of Seats: 3; The gearbox is 5 Speed Manual; BHP: 140; Length: 18ft 6ins; The taillift is rated at: 500kgs Cantilever; Rear Doors: Roller Shutters; Side Door: Shutter; Unladen Weight: 4640kgs; Kms: 61,337; D.O.R.: 05/2011; Engine CC: 4461; Euro: 5
DAF LF45 FA LF45.160 20 Foot Box
DAF LF45 FA LF45.160 20 Foot Box POA
2012 | Box Vans | 7490kg 20 foot Grp box,electric windows,cruise control,exhaust brake,Radio/Cd player,dual passenger seat,manual gearbox,air deflector,only 263,000 kilometres,Euro 5/LEZ compliant,very nice condition,ideal horsebox conversion?? for more info please phone 0121 326 6950 or visit,for the latest stock updates follow us on Twitter @junction6com
Junction 6 Commercials Limited
DAF LF45 FA LF45.140  4x2 Rigid
DAF LF45 FA LF45.140 4x2 Rigid POA
F W Thomas
DAF LF45 LF45.160 24 Foot 5ins Box c/w Cantilever Taillift
DAF LF45 LF45.160 24 Foot 5ins Box c/w Cantilever Taillift POA
2007 | Box Vans | 7490kg 24 foot 5ins Grp Box c/w Bar Cargolift 1000kgs Cantilever taillift,electric windows,cruise control,exhaust brake,Radio/Cd player,dual passenger seat,Euro 4/Lez compliant,air deflector,manual gearbox,339,000 kilometres,very nice condition,all export enquiries welcome,shipping arranged,for more info please phone 0121 326 6950 or visit,for the latest stock updates follow us on
Junction 6 Commercials Limited
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For the current LF generation, the width of all cabs is kept to 2.13 metres, which is intended to allow for ease of movement through tight gaps. Since the turning circle is also small, a DAF LF box van will have no trouble in towns and cities.

Cab comfort levels are generally good, even on older models that may not benefit from all the technology that is featured in modern LF box vans. Visibility is also excellent, and some vans will come with electric mirrors and even reversing cameras, which are a welcome sight for safety-conscious organisations and operators.

The driveline of a DAF LF box van will usually be supplied with a PACCAR engine, the latest iteration of which has achieved a Euro 6 rating for emissions. Service intervals are moved up to 60,000 miles thanks to the design innovations this offers, which is something that used buyers should consider as an asset. Manual and auto gearboxes are featured on various second-hand LF box vans, with efficient shifting allowing for further improvements to fuel efficiency.

From 7.5 tonnes to 13 tonnes, LF box vans are a capable alternative to the CF and XF ranges from DAF. And there are various body additions that can be found on used models, including a rear tail lift and roller shutter. Some models will have sliding side panels to increase the access points available on the body. And the tail lift mechanisms will usually tuck away neatly so that they do not add to the length of the vehicle. You should be aware that not every second-hand LF box van will necessarily have a tail lift present. And if one is on board, it will need to b tested to ensure that it works as advertised.

A used DAF LF box van which has all the paperwork covering its service history, as well as being able to stand up under inspection, will make a good investment. The lightweight but strong chassis, modern engines and generous cab space are all advantages of this range.

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