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When looking at DAF curtainsider trucks, you have to assess what combination of cab and body is going to fulfil your requirements. And with used models you have the additional duty to check that a vehicle is in good shape before buying it, because the state of a second-hand truck can vary wildly even between ostensibly identical units.

Curtainsider trucks from DAF encompass a range of operating weights, starting at 7.5 tonnes and working up to 26 tonnes, with the length of the body also being a critical factor to take into account. So get ready to start your search for your next used truck purchase, as there are lots of eligible options available for your perusal.

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DAF LF45 25 Foot Curtainsdier with Trailer
DAF LF45 25 Foot Curtainsdier with Trailer POA
2011 | Curtainsiders Draw Bar Outfit Day Cab Curtainsider Air Suspension Manual Gearbox Range Change and Splitter 1 Owner from New Euro 5 Offered with New curtains and paint Scheme to suit Low kms only 345K KMS Full History from new One Major company owner Any inspection
Truck Finder Ltd
DAF LF45 -160
DAF LF45 -160 POA
2012 | Curtainsiders | 7500kg 7.5 tonne Daycab, EURO 5, 20ft Curtainsided body, Barn doors, Tuckaway tailift, Manual gearbox, 161,000kms, Choice Available, Excellent Condition. MoT:6-12 MONTHS
James Hart (Chorley) Ltd
DAF CF65 FA CF 65.250 18T SLEEPER CAB HX57 EJA £7,995.00
2007 | Curtainsiders 25ft Curtain Sider, Cantilever Tail Lift (1500kgs), Air Suspension to Rear, 6 Speed Manual Gear Box, 438,000kms, January 18 MOT
DAF CF65 FA CF 65.220 DAY CAB - AY08 EEH
DAF CF65 FA CF 65.220 DAY CAB - AY08 EEH £7,950.00
2008 | Curtainsiders 18 Ton Curtain Sider, Cantilever Tail Lift, May 2017 MOT, 540,000kms
DAF LF45 45.160 LF EEV
DAF LF45 45.160 LF EEV POA
2013 | Curtainsiders | 7500kg No of Seats: 3; The gearbox is 5 Speed Manual; Rear Doors: Barn; Length: 20ft; Kms: 236,546; Bhp: 160; D.O.R.: 03/2013; MOT expiry: February 2018; Engine CC: 4461; Euro : 5; LEZ: Compliant
DAF CF 65220
DAF CF 65220 POA
2012 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg No of Seats: 2; The gearbox is 6 Speed Manual; Previous Owners: One; Length: 25ft; The taillift is rated at: 1500kgs Column; Rear Doors: Roller Shutters; D.O.R.: 01/2012; Engine CC: 6692; Euro: 5
DAF CF85 £7,500.00
T G Commercials
DAF LF45 180
DAF LF45 180 POA
2007 | Curtainsiders VERY SMART LOW KMS CURTAINSIDER 12 TON MANUAL GEAR BOX PLEASE READ FULL VEHICLE SPEC FOR FULL DETAILS THIS COULD BE USED AS A CHASSIS FOR THE IDEAL 12TON SCAFFOLD VEHICLE CALL OUR SALES HOTLINE FOR MORE DETAILS ABS Brakes, Adjustable Steering Wheel, Airbrakes, Cabin Suspension Manual, CD Player, Insulated Cabin, PCM, Power Steering, Rope Hooks, Seat Belts, Speaker System, Tacho Digital, Tinted
Cromwell Truck Sales
DAF LF45 45.180 LF
DAF LF45 45.180 LF POA
2013 | Curtainsiders | 12000kg This DAF 45.180 LF commercial vehicle seats 2; The gearbox is Automatic; The taillift is rated at: 1500 kgs Dhollandia Cantilever tail lift; Rear doors: Roller shutter; Length: 20ft; Payload approx: 6600 kgs; Kms: 236973; First reg: 01.03.2013; MOT: November 2017; Euro: 5; LEZ: Complaint; Bhp: 180; Engine Cc: 4462
DAF CF65 65CF250
DAF CF65 65CF250 POA
2011 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg No of Seats: 2; The gearbox is 6 Speed Manual; Previous Owners: One; Length: 22ft; The taillift is rated at: 1500 Kgs Cantilever; D.O.R.: 12/2011; Euro: 5
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DAF CurtainsiderDAF curtainsiders are designed to be an adaptable alternative to rigid box vans, giving drivers the flexibility to quickly access areas of the body that might otherwise be blocked if access was only available from the rear doors. And yet you will still find features common to many trucks of this type which are designed for distribution and long-distance transport.

Even the most compact models can come equipped with tail lifts and sleeper cabs. And when buying used, you have the freedom to search for the exact configuration you require across a range of models that DAF has produced over the years, including the near-ubiquitous LF family.

Modern LF models are particularly desirable because they combine fuel efficiency, courtesy of Euro V and VI engines, with impressive agility and manoeuvrability. With a lightweight chassis that is nevertheless strong enough to cope with the pressures of heavy loads and regular use, every model built by DAF is perfect for fuel-consumption-conscious organisations.

Meanwhile, drivers will have an easier time navigating narrow streets or heading out on the open road thanks to things such as the excellent turning circle and array of in-cab equipment to help boost comfort levels.

Longer curtainsider bodies - especially on the DAF CF models, allow for greater load capacities to be handled, and you will also find that the larger DAF models feature cabs that are kitted out for long international journeys. Things such as auto gearboxes, cruise control and reversing cameras make life easier for the driver.

The amenities, including an integrated fridge, microwave and entertainment systems, mean that sleeper cabs can really feel like a home from home. Double sleeper cabs can be found on used DAF curtainsiders, although clearly this is an example of where working out what kind of truck you actually need can help you keep a budget under control while still getting what you want out of a purchase.

Buying Tips - Used DAF Curtainsiders

Used DAF curtainsider trucks can be perfect haulage partners if they are properly maintained, so cover every aspect that could cause trouble when buying a second-hand example if you want to be certain that its credentials are legitimate. Many models will have been maintained under contract by the manufacturer since new, which can be a bonus in terms of their long-term reliability. Most of all, you need to set your sights on a curtainsider with the right specifications and a reasonable asking price.

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Dependable, Solid, tough 4/5 by Richard I have owned a couple of DAF Trucks and I must say I like every Bit of DAF Truck, when you do not short circuit servicing you have the truck for lifetime.I am a owner driver that's why I mention... Read full review
Was a brillient truck until 2015. 3/5 by Adam Mandy I used to be a truck driver mainly using the CF. With the 10 speed manual box and 250bhp under the toes, it was brilliant. Good cruising on the motorway, rock solid build and good consumption. Then... Read full review
Expert Review - DAF Fan 4/5 by Craig Black DAF is the Dutch subsidiary of PACCAR and one of the leading truck manufacturers in Europe. With a market share of more than 15%, DAF is number one in the European tractor sector and its LF and CF... Read full review


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DAF CF Tractor Unit

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