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DAF are renowned for the quality of their trucks, which is perhaps why they’re the most popular haulage and distribution vehicles in the UK. The standard steel front bumper and almost indestructible headlamps, for example, mean that DAF trucks are durable and hardwearing, and a very good bet for anyone looking to buy a used truck.

A big reason for DAF’s success is that the company produces vehicles to meet any need, from the agile LF series produced in the UK ideal for built up areas, to the heavy duty tractor units in the XF series built for purpose in the Netherlands. DAF have been manufacturing high quality units for more than 80 years, showing that even the more lightweight lorries are made to last.

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DAF CF75  310 6x2 Beaver Tail
DAF CF75 310 6x2 Beaver Tail £37,500.00
2011 | Beavertails | 26000kg 32ft King Beaver Tail Body, Rear Lift Twin Wheel Axle, Remote Ramsey Winch, Hydraulic Rear Flip Ramps, Storage Lockers, Safety Rails, Reverse Camera, Euro 5 Engine, Auto Gear Box, 5.9mtr Wheel Base, July M.O.T.... RIGIDS
DAF LF45 LF55 220 4x2 15000kg GVW Rigid
DAF LF45 LF55 220 4x2 15000kg GVW Rigid £27,500.00
2012 | Crane Vehicle Hiab Duo Crane With 2 x Extensions, Three Seater Cab, 18ft Out Reach Flat Body With 2 x Aluminium Drop Sides, Storage Cabinet Under Body, 6 Speed Manual Gear Box, Euro 5 Engine, June 2017 M.O.T RIGIDS
DAF Euro 5 DAF RCV Euro 5  RCV
Euro Municipal Limited
DAF CF85 .340
DAF CF85 .340 £9,995.00
2006 | Refuse Body | 32000kg Fitted with a Heil Body & Equipment, Locking Diff, Onboard Weigher, Cruise Control, Engine Brake, Electric Windows, Heated Mirrors, Sunroof, Radio & CD Player, Reversing Camera, Analogue Tacho, Euro 3, LEZ Compliant. On Steel suspension. The gearbox is an 8 Speed Manual. The engine is rated at 340 BHP. The truck's MoT runs until April 2017. Please quote ref: DARE11535
Addlestone Commercials
DAF LF45 .140
DAF LF45 .140 £12,995.00
2013 | Dropsides | 7500kg Fitted with a 6.4 Metre Aluminium Double Drop Side Body, Multi Function Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, Electric Mirrors, Electric Windows, Heated Mirrors, Radio & CD Player, Digital Card Tacho, Euro 5, LEZ Compliant. On Steel suspension. The gearbox is an 5 Speed. The engine is rated at 140 BHP. The truck's MoT runs until August 2017. Please quote ref: DADR11545
Addlestone Commercials
DAF LF55 .250
DAF LF55 .250 £17,995.00
2006 | Tippers | 18000kg *** 44,000 kms From New ***, Fitted with a Remote Control Fassi F95A.22 Crane & Clam Shell Bucket c/w Additional Brick Clamp (crane will fold behind cab), Steel Drop Side Body, Reversing Camera, Electric Windows, Engine Brake, Locking Diff, Cruise Control, Heated Mirrors, Radio & CD Player, Digital Card Tacho, Euro 4, LEZ Compliant. On Steel suspension. The gearbox is an 8 Speed Manual. The engine
Addlestone Commercials
DAF XF 105.510 FTG Super Space Cab, Manual
DAF XF 105.510 FTG Super Space Cab, Manual £17,500.00
2012 | Tractor Unit | 40000kg Super Space Cab with Skylights & Kelsa High Bar with Spots, 16 Speed Manual ZF Gearbox, January 2018 MOT, New Style Titanium Turbo, Full R&M with DAF Dealer, Alloys Wheels, Fixed 5th Wheel, 2 x Bunks, Under Bed Storage, Very Clean Unit, Drives Well, Call!
Dixon Commercial Exports Ltd
DAF CF75 .310 Day Cab, 10 Tyre, Flat Bed
DAF CF75 .310 Day Cab, 10 Tyre, Flat Bed £5,500.00
2004 | Flats Day Cab, Manual Gearbox, Flat Bed Body, 6x2 Rear Lift with 10 Tyres, 310 HP Engine, Rear Air Suspension, Can be loaded with additional vehicle if needed. Call!
Dixon Commercial Exports Ltd
DAF CF75 .250 Sleeper, 28FT Box, Manual
DAF CF75 .250 Sleeper, 28FT Box, Manual £6,950.00
2006 | Box Vans Sleeper Cab, 8 Speed Manual Gearbox, Single Bunk, 28ft Grp Box Body with Near Side Door & Rear Barn Doors, 727 KMS, Immaculate Truck, Great Condition, Can Supply as Chassis Cab if needed.
Dixon Commercial Exports Ltd
DAF CF85 .340
DAF CF85 .340 £15,000.00
2005 | Hookloaders | 32000kg Hook Loader DAF CF85 - 2005 Excellent Lorry for Year. Bounton Hook Gear. 80% Tyres. MOT'd. LEZ Compliant. Lorry Ready for Work. Reason for Sale: Upgrading all fleet
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Click on the dates in the timeline below to view interesting events in DAF's history
Early Version of DAF Founded
An early version of DAF is founded by Hub van Doorne, specifically ‘The Hub van Doorne Engineering Works and Repair Shop’
Name Changed to D.A.F.
‘The Hub van Doorne Engineering Works and Repair Shop’ changes its name to ‘Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagenfabriek N.V.’ – which is quickly shortened to D.A.F. – the company begins to focus on trailer and semi-trailer production.
First Trucks Made
The company releases its very first two truck chassis: the A-30 and A-50 quickly become the basis for most cab over engine vehicles. DAF opens its truck factory the following year and begins producing over 10 trucks per week.
2000 Series Truck launched
DAF launches a new series of heavy truck chassis with a capacity of 10 tonnes; unheard of at the time; and also opens a new factory, initially for the license production of Leyland engines, of which it could deliver four engines per hour; DAF soon began to develop its own engines at the factory.
Last Trailer Made - Trucks Only now
The company stops producing trailers and shifts its focus to the production of heavy and medium-heavy trucks.
DAF Acquired Leyland Trucks
DAF acquires Leyland, and also launches the new premium 95 series. The 95 is named ‘International Truck of the Year 1988’ 12 months later.
45 Series Launched
The 45 series is launched for lightweight distribution
75 and 85 Series Launched
The 75 and 85 series are announced for medium to heavyweight distribution. The 65 follows a year later.
DAF 55 Series Launched
The 55 series first appears. DAF now supply vehicles ideal for most distances and distributions.
PACCAR Acquire DAF Trucks
DAF is acquired by PACCAR, joining Peterbilt and Kenworth as a part of the group. Despite financial turmoil in the early 90s the company’s future is now assured.
Major redesign of 56, 75 and 85 Series
The 95 is voted ‘International Truck of the Year’ for the second time, exactly 10 years after its first award. DAF also redesigns to the 65, 75 and 85 series, launching the range of trucks that are available on TruckLocator.co.uk in the year 2000.
DAF LF Series Replaces 45 and 55 Series
The new LF series appears. The lorry voted ‘International Truck of the Year’ in 2002 is the range most frequently available on TruckLocator.co.uk.
DAF XF105 Launched
DAF launches the XF105; the largest cab on the market; which duly wins ‘International Truck of the Year 2007’.
EEV Euro 5 Standardised Across Range
The company becomes the first truck manufacturer to offer Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicles, or EEVs, across the entire range of its trucks.
LF and CF Range joins XF at Euro 6
The Euro 6 DAF XF was launched at the IAA in Hannover in September 2012, followed by the remaining trucks in the range in April 2013 at the UK's CV Show

New Euro 6 DAF Range video

DAF is part of the PACCAR group along with American manufacturers Peterbilt and Kenworth. The company has earned a reputation for setting the pace of manufacturing technology, and as such the engines in DAF trucks are among the most fuel efficient available, making them a strong candidate for both long haul operations and local multi-drops.

In addition to their advanced engines, parts produced by DAF are high quality, and combined with excellent service provided by the DAF dealers makes for a sound long term investment.

DAF’s network of dealers are dependable, and as well as maintaining and servicing all DAFs, usually have the complete range of new and used DAF trucks for sale. A reputation for providing good value when it comes to servicing costs goes some way to explaining why the company is the UK’s leading lorry manufacturer.  

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CF Series

DAF CF65 Curtainsider - NEW
DAF CF65 Series

The CF series is available as either rigid chassis or tractor unit, and comes in two, three or four axle models. Extremely versatile, with a wide choice of engines and axle configurations, the CF series is also considered clean and very economical. A good all-round truck.

DAF CF65 – 6.7 litre engine

The 65 is the smallest truck in the CF range, but provides more room inside the cab than the smaller LF55. More suitable for longer-distance operations with higher payloads.

DAF CF75 – 9.2 litre engine

Larger and more powerful than the CF65. Suitable for longer-distance operations with higher payloads.

DAF CF85– 12.9 litre engine

The largest model in the CF range. Extremely spacious, and mostly suited to long haul.

LF series

DAF LF 45 when new
DAF LF45 Series

Smaller and more manoeuvrable than the CFs, DAF’s LF series is characterised by a tight turning circle and excellent fuel efficiency.

DAF LF45 – 4.5 litre

The 45 is the smallest lorry in DAF’s range, starting at 7.5 tonnes. The UK’s best seller, which means that there is always a wide variety of used trucks available for sale, and a used DAF 45 can usually be bought for a very reasonable price. Best for town and city haulage.

DAF LF55 – 6.7 litre

The DAF 55 is slightly larger than the 45 operating at 14 to 21 tonnes GVW. Less common than the 45, which means that the smaller LF often provides better value for money when purchased second hand. Good for town and city haulage, though also suitable for longer distances where necessary.

XF series

DAF XF95 Truck and Tanker in 1987

Trucks in the XF series are considerably bigger than the other lorries produced by DAF. Very much a long haul beast, the XFs are among the most spacious and comfortable trucks in their class, which combined with the fuel efficiency afforded by DAF’s excellent engines means that they can deliver huge payloads with ease.

DAF XF105 – 12.9 litre

DAF’s XF105 is the flagship model in the DAF range. Most 105s come equipped with advanced features, making them both economical and safe for such a large vehicle. Used XF105s have a reputation for low running costs, making them perhaps the best truck choice for long haul of any manufacturer.

DAF XF95 – 12.6 litre

The XF95 was superseded by the 105 in 2006, which means that while still easily serviced by DAF’s strong network of dealers and very much built to last, the 95 doesn’t provide the same value proposition as the 105. Still very comfortable, and excellent for long haul.

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Freight in the City Exhibition | Photogallery

The inaugural Freight in the City exhibition took place last week at Alexandra Palace in North London. Whilst it was interesting to see the gadgets on offer to help commercial vehicles... Read More

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New LF Range Announced By DAF

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DAF Extends Telematics Offering

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DAF Marks Two Decades Of Market Dominance

DAF trucks have been outselling its rivals in the UK each year since 1995, and the firm was proud to announce this impressive 20-year stint at the top of the market this month. In the... Read More

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Dependable, Solid, tough 4/5 by Richard I have owned a couple of DAF Trucks and I must say I like every Bit of DAF Truck, when you do not short circuit servicing you have the truck for lifetime.I am a owner driver that's why I mention... Read full review
Was a brillient truck until 2015. 3/5 by Adam Mandy I used to be a truck driver mainly using the CF. With the 10 speed manual box and 250bhp under the toes, it was brilliant. Good cruising on the motorway, rock solid build and good consumption. Then... Read full review
OKay, but better out there 3/5 by Mike Pagan There's nothing wrong with a DAF in the same way that there's nothing wrong with Ford cars - which would you choose given the choice - a Ford Focus or a BMW 3 series? It's the same with DAF - I'd... Read full review


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DAF Box Vans

DAF box vans are built for the bulk transport of goods, making them suitable for a range of purposes, including delivery and distribution. If you need a box van, then buying a used DAF unit can be the quickest path to achieving this goal affordably. And this prolific and popular manufacturer is well represented on the second-hand market, with models across various weight categories and with... Read more

DAF Curtainsiders

When looking at DAF curtainsider trucks, you have to assess what combination of cab and body is going to fulfil your requirements. And with used models you have the additional duty to check that a vehicle is in good shape before buying it, because the state of a second-hand truck can vary wildly even between ostensibly identical units. Curtainsider trucks from DAF encompass a range of operating... Read more

DAF Tippers

A DAF tipper truck can be a sensible investment for a variety of organisations, because when it comes to moving heavy loads of rubble, earth or anything else, there are few vehicles that can match the models from this manufacturer in terms of price and performance. Built to withstand the toughest conditions across a range of construction projects, DAF tippers feature durable bodies, reliable... Read more

DAF Tractor Unit

DAF is one of the biggest manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the world, and so its tractor units are sought after on the used market. The wide availability of DAF vehicles is not just beneficial when it comes to buying a truck, but also for things such as maintenance and repairs. And with tractor units ranging from compact 9-tonne models to long-haul versions with plenty of pulling power at... Read more

DAF CF Tippers

DAF has been building CF tippers for some time, and this means that the used market is filled with potential purchases for any interested buyers. These tippers generally fit into the 26- to 32-tonne weight bracket and feature 6x4 or 8x4 axle configurations to cope with off-road use as well as cruising on the tarmac. Tipper bodies built from steel or alloy materials and featuring insulation are... Read more

DAF CF Tractor Unit

The DAF CF range is comprehensively configurable, but if you would prefer to pick a separate tractor unit to attach to the body of your choice, then this is an entirely viable option thanks to the number of quality used models which are available. Sitting just below the DAF XF in terms of size, a CF tractor unit is still a serious bit of kit designed for long-distance haulage and distribution... Read more

DAF LF Box Vans

DAF has built LF box vans to aid the distribution capabilities of various businesses for many years. And the used market is home to many models from this range, encompassing a range of body features, engines and wheelbases. While long-haul trucks are built for optimal efficiency on motorways, an LF box truck is better suited to taking on narrow urban streets, congested dual carriageways and... Read more

DAF LF Curtainsiders

The DAF LF series of curtainsiders can be counted on to complete distribution work with minimal effort, making use of the latest Euro 6 engines so that urban delivery routes can be completed efficiently and the stop-start nature of driving on congested roads does not hit fuel economy too hard. Used DAF LF curtainsiders ranging from 7.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes in weight can be picked up inexpensively.... Read more

DAF LF Dropsides

A used DAF LF dropside truck is not difficult to locate thanks to the prolific production of this firm as well as the popularity of its vehicles amongst commercial operators. And its dropside bodies come in a range of configurations, some of which are good for all-purpose use, while others offer equipment to make them a little more specialised. The choice of wheelbases is similarly comprehensive,... Read more

DAF LF Tippers

DAF LF tippers are very common and very popular in the construction industry. But the standard tipper body is not the only configuration available on this platform, meaning you can select more specialised alternatives if this suits your operation. DAF LF tippers are built for everything from refuse collection to land management. And since the trucks are endowed with a smaller turning circle than... Read more

DAF XF Tractor Unit

A DAF XF tractor unit comes from a range that can boast some market-leading figures relating to cab space and fuel efficiency. And this is why a used XF model can make long-haul journeys fly by at a lower cost than many of its rivals. While DAF is far from being the only manufacturer in the long-distance road transport market, the XF is an enduring reminder that it might be the best in the... Read more