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If you are looking to buy a curtainsider, you know that in distribution work it is vital to get exactly the right type of truck for your operations. This will certainly mean choosing the right size and maximum weight for your work and the most efficient engine and transmission combination, but it is also vital to choose the right body type. This used to be a straightforward choice. You had the flatbed truck or dropsides for bulky work and the enclosed box body for smaller and more valuable loads. Perhaps a Luton lorry could be considered to maximise space. The curtainside body changed the goalposts somewhat.

Flatbed lorries have their advantages. You can load them from the rear or either side, and they can take bulky loads that even overhang the dimensions of the flatbed. The easy access leads to fast loading and unloading and because they can be accessed all around, there is greater flexibility in planning delivery routes: first on does not have to mean last off. 

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 3.5T 20FT 6M CURTAIN SIDE 20FT
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 3.5T 20FT 6M CURTAIN SIDE 20FT £17,195.00
2011 | Curtainsiders | 3500kg height 2030mm wide 2130mm Come and see us or buy over the phone with no obligation and get FREE DELIVERY to your door within UK mainland. Your payment fully refunded upon delivery if you are not happy for any reason whatsoever. Credit/debit cards accepted and finance welcome. 7 days FREE insurance arranged so you can drive away today. Comprehensive peace of mind warranty with money back
Maple Motor Services Ltd
DAF LF45 45 130 7.5 TON
DAF LF45 45 130 7.5 TON POA
F W Harrison Commercials Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1833  4x2 Curtainside Body
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1833 4x2 Curtainside Body POA
2011 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg CD Player,Cruise Control,Radio,Tachograph - Digital, Electric Mirrors,Electric Windows,Heated Mirrors, Barn Doors,Cantilever Tail Lift Britcom
Volvo FL  260 4x2 Curtainside Body
Volvo FL 260 4x2 Curtainside Body £16,500.00
2011 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg Air Con,CD Player,Cruise Control,Radio,Single Bunk,Sun Visor,Tachograph - Digital, Electric Windows,FADK,Heated Mirrors,Side Wind Deflectors, Barn Doors,Tuckaway Tail Lift Britcom
DAF CF65   EURO 5, 4 X 2 18 TONNE CURTAINSIDER û 2009 -
DAF CF65 EURO 5, 4 X 2 18 TONNE CURTAINSIDER û 2009 - £6,950.00
Curtainsiders | 18000kg DAF CF Series Day Cab. Paccar 250 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 5 Engine C/w Ad-Blue. ZF 6 Speed Manual Gearbox. Ecasá Drive Axle Air Suspension C/w In Cab Controls. DAF Single Reduction Drive Axle. EBS Disc Braking System. 31Ft Curtainside Body C/w Barn Doors, Lashing Rings And Wood Panel Flooring. Rear Aperture : 7Ft 8ins. Side Aperture: 7Ftá7 ins. Internal Height : 7Ft 7ins. Cab
Walker Movements
DAF CF65  220 Sleeper Cab Curtainsider
DAF CF65 220 Sleeper Cab Curtainsider £4,950.00
2005 | Curtainsiders | 18000kg 2005 Daf CF65 220 Sleeper Cab Curtainsider, 6 Speed Manual Gearbox, Single Bunk, Rear Barn Doors, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Axor Atego 2528 Day Cab Curtainsider
Mercedes-Benz Axor Atego 2528 Day Cab Curtainsider £6,950.00
2001 | Curtainsiders | 26000kg 2001 Mercedes Atego 2528 6x2 Rear Lift Day Cab Curtainsider, 12 Speed Manual Gearbox, Radio/Stereo, Rear Barn Doors, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
Scania R Series R420 10 Tyre Curtainsider Dangler
Scania R Series R420 10 Tyre Curtainsider Dangler £18,950.00
2006 | Curtainsiders | 44000kg 2006 Scania R420 6x2 10 Tyre Rear Lift Topline Curtainsider with M&G Tri Axle Curtainsider Trailer 12 Speed Manual Gearbox, Barn Doors, Full Wind Deflector Kit, Radio/Stereo, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination
Law Exports Ltd
Scania P Series P270 10 Tyre Rear Lift Curtainsider
Scania P Series P270 10 Tyre Rear Lift Curtainsider £13,950.00
2006 | Curtainsiders | 26000kg 2006 Scania P270 6x2 10 Tyre Rear Lift Sleeper Cab Curtainsider, 8 Speed Manual Gearbox, Single Bunk, Radio/Stereo, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
DAF LF55 .220
DAF LF55 .220 POA
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The limitations of the flatbed are in security and exposure to the elements. No matter how well tied and sheeted a load is, it is still vulnerable to thieves. They can see the load, decide if it is worth stealing and quickly cut through the sheets and ropes to access it. Similarly, no sheeting is going to completely protect the load from the elements and damage is always possible.

The limitations of the flatbed are addressed by the box truck. This provides a secure enclosure for the load, keeping it away from prying eyes and protecting it from the appalling British weather. This would seem enough, but the box body truck also introduces limitations. Chief among these concerns is access. Most box vans have access only via the rear. This means that care must be taken in planning the load. Put simply, it’s first in last out. If there are changes to the schedule, this could cause problems for a multi-drop operator. At the very least, it could mean wasted time shuffling loads around, but in some cases it could mean insurance issues as receiving bays refuse to handle someone else’s pallets.

The Curtainsider is the AnswerTidy Curtainsider on Mercedes Axor

The curtainsider provides an answer to these problems. It is designed specifically to combine the flexibility of a flatbed with the security of a box van. Like the flatbed, the curtainsider can be loaded from either side as well as the rear. This speeds up loading and introduces flexibility in the unloading order. With the curtainsider, therefore, productivity can be increased and unforeseen changes to a schedule are not so much of a problem. On the other hand, it keeps loads away from prying eyes and protects them from the elements.

This makes the curtainsider an ideal compromise for many operators. The material of the curtainside itself may not be as secure as a rigid box, but modern versions are really pretty tough. When buying a used curtainsider, it is important to check that the fabric and mechanism are sound. Clearly, these are moving parts and as such can be damaged. Replacing them can be expensive, so a little care during the inspection could result in substantial savings. Aside from this, the curtainsider is a simple and standard wagon with no special checks needing to be made.

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Bevan Curtainsider bodies for Encon

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DAF Curtainsiders

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DAF Curtainsiders

The DAF LF series of curtainsiders can be counted on to complete distribution work with minimal effort, making use of the latest Euro 6 engines so that urban delivery routes can be completed efficiently and the stop-start nature of driving on congested roads does not hit fuel economy too hard. Used DAF LF curtainsiders ranging from 7.5 tonnes to 18 tonnes in weight can be picked up inexpensively.... Read more

Iveco Curtainsiders

Curtainsider trucks are great for distribution work, and you can find Iveco models on the used market with reliable credentials and competitive asking prices. There are many smaller 7.5 tonne Eurocargo models, but this family of curtainsiders from Iveco also extends to include vehicles with operating weights of up to 26 tonnes and much larger load spaces. This type of truck is all about providing... Read more

Iveco Curtainsiders

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MAN Curtainsiders

There are many reasons to choose a curtainsider rather than any other type of truck. But whether you are influenced by the practicality of such a vehicle or the cost-effectiveness it brings, buying a model from MAN makes sense in all situations. This manufacturer makes curtainsiders ranging in length from 20 to 30 feet as well as spanning weight categories from 7.5 to 26 tonnes. MAN vehicles are... Read more

Mercedes-Benz Curtainsiders

The curtainsider design offers a very efficient means of loading and unloading a truck, especially compared to units with rigid sides that do not deliver nearly as much convenience for situations which require repeated access to the body of the vehicle. And Mercedes-Benz builds some of the best trucks for curtainside use in the business, with a range of operating weights and cab configurations... Read more

Mercedes-Benz Curtainsiders

Mercedes-Benz Atego trucks take busy distribution routes in their stride, with curtainsider bodies measuring between 20ft and 28ft available on the used market, where prices can be unexpectedly affordable. The Atego range has been going strong since 1997, and in an effort to continue innovation the manufacturer is even looking to introduce models with hybrid engines in the future, which will... Read more

Mercedes-Benz Curtainsiders

Mercedes-Benz Axor curtainsiders come in 18-, 26- and 32-tonne variations, with all benefiting from the same inviting cabs, efficient engines and rigid, versatile bodies with lots of extras to offer. In spite of being retired, the Axor range is still making a splash in the used market, and there are a lot of different curtainsider units available, helping organisations to handle distribution... Read more

Renault Curtainsiders

When looking to buy a used Renault curtainsider truck, you will need to keep a checklist of the specifications that you are seeking alongside an appropriate budget for the purchase in order to make the process less complicated. There is a good amount of choice for this type of commercial vehicle from Renault, with models taking on distribution duties, urban delivery runs and comprehensive... Read more

Scania Curtainsiders

Used curtainsider trucks need to be reliable in spite of their age and must be equipped with enough cab features to keep drivers happy. And buying a vehicle of this kind with Scania’s distinctive name tag attached will deliver on both counts. You will tend to encounter models from this firm in the weight category of 18 tonnes and up, with curtainsider bodies that can accommodate a range of... Read more

Scania Curtainsiders

Rigid curtainsiders that form part of the popular Scania P Series can take demanding distribution work in their stride. Whether intended for daily use on regular routes around towns and cities or for long-haul journeys with overnight stops involved, you can find a used P Series curtainsider truck that will be just right for the role in question. As you would expect from one of the world’s... Read more

Volvo Curtainsiders

Volvo curtainsiders cut an imposing and impressive figure on the road. They are built sturdily by a company that knows all about making vehicles that can stand the test of time. And so anyone looking for a used truck of this type will come across a lot of appealing options from this Swedish firm. A curtainsider body is best suited to making delivery runs, collecting goods and ensuring that a... Read more