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Crane trucks are among the most useful trucks around. Essentially, they are self-sufficient, not needing forklifts or other equipment to load and unload. This can make them extremely efficient in day-to-day operations. When arriving on site, many delivery drivers are familiar with waiting for a forklift and operator to become available for unloading. This can take some time. The forklift may have other duties to attend to or the driver may be on a break. In some frustrating circumstances, the forklift or operator may not be present at all, resulting in a wasted journey and the load being returned to base.

When you multiply all of these delays throughout a working day, they can have a serious snowball effect. This can result in late deliveries, angry clients and fewer deliveries being made. A crane truck does away with the need for a forklift and operator on-site. 

The crane truck driver can simply unload the truck by himself, without the need to wait around for other equipment. In this way the crane truck becomes less dependent on outside equipment and personnel and can stick more easily to its schedule. The crane truck can therefore achieve more deliveries in a working day, becoming more efficient and experiencing fewer delays.

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DAF CF75  310 6x2 Beaver Tail With Crane
DAF CF75 310 6x2 Beaver Tail With Crane £50,000.00
2011 | Crane Vehicles | 26000kg 32ft Sterling Beaver Tail Body, EFFER 130 Crane With 3 x Extensions, Rear Lift Twin Wheel Axle, Ramsey Winch, Hydraulic Rear Flip Ramps, Storage Lockers, Safety Rails, Reverse Camera, Euro 5 Engine, Auto Gear Box, 5.9mtr Wheel Base RIGIDS
DAF LF 180
2016 | Crane Vehicles LF 180 2016 (16) Euro 6, 7.5 Ton, 20ft 3 Charlton Flat Body, c/w Fassi F50 Crane, 2 Extensions, Air Suspension, Twist Locks, 4 Way Camera Kit, Side Scanners, Tool Boxes, Ad Blue, 83,000 K’s From New, 6 Speed Manual Gearbox, Engine Brake, Cruise Control, Electric Windows and Mirrors, Remote Central Locking, Been On Full R & M Contract From New, Absolutely Mint4x2. Right Hand Drive
DAF XF95 .430
DAF XF95 .430 POA
2006 | Crane Vehicles FTG 95 XF 430 2006 (56) 8x2 Cheesewedge Beavertail Body c/w 2009 Fassi F450 XP Crane, 4 Hydraulic Extensions, Remote Control, Rear Air Suspension, Rear Lift Axle, Front and Rear Hydraulic Legs, Hydraulic Ramps, Twist Locks, Double Sleeper Cab, 16 Speed Manual Gearbox, Cruise Control, Air Con, Electric Windows and Mirrors, Digital Tacho, Very Good Condition,8x2. Right Hand Drive
Volvo FH 540
Volvo FH 540 POA
2017 | Crane Vehicles 6x2 tag – Fitted FASSI F820RA2.26 crane – Drawbar specification – Leather – Fridge – Top specification .. Right Hand Drive
Macs Truck Sales
DAF CF 370
2016 | Crane Vehicles 2016 - Euro 6 – CF370 – Day cabs – 6x2 – Fitted new FASSI F315 + F275 crane with new cheese wedge plant body.. Left Hand Drive
Macs Truck Sales
DAF CF85  340 8x4 Tpper With Crane
DAF CF85 340 8x4 Tpper With Crane POA
2005 | Crane Vehicles | 32000kg Steel Tipping Body, Palfinger PK20002 With 3 x Extensions And Hydraulic Bag/Cage Lifter, Electric Windows, Cruise Control, Allison Gear Box, Reverse Camera, Red Forge Axle Weigher, RIGIDS
F W Harrison Commercials Ltd
Mercedes-Benz Axor MERCEDES BENZ  1824 4 X 2, 18 TONNE FLATBED/CRANE
Mercedes-Benz Axor MERCEDES BENZ 1824 4 X 2, 18 TONNE FLATBED/CRANE £11,450.00
2007 | Crane Vehicles | 18000kg Mercedes Benz Axor Day Cab. Mercedes Benz 240 Bhp Turbo Air To Air Charge Cooled Euro 4 Engine C/w Ad-Blue. Mercedes Benz 6 Speed Syncromesh Manual Gearbox. Steel Drive Axle Suspension. Mercedes Benz Single Reduction Drive Axle C/w Diff Lock. 25Ft Flatbed Body C/w Wood Plank Flooring, Lashing Rings, Raised Headboard And Aluminium Dropsides. Palfinger PK10000 Gearbox Driven Front Mounted Crane
Walker Movements
Volvo FM 9.340
Volvo FM 9.340 £6,950.00
2004 | Crane Vehicles FM9 26 ton builders wagon with rear mounted Atlas 105.2 AV crane suburb condition fro age one owner, genuine truckPower Steering. Right Hand Drive
Mertrux Ltd.
DAF CF  400
Crane Vehicles Available for long term hire, DAF CF400- 8x2, Rear steer, PM38:5 crane, Montracon cheese wedge body, Tool boxes, beacons, strobes, Top spec. Beavertails
Bickford Truck Services
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Clearly, the crane is a vital, complex and expensive piece of kit on the lorry. Iveco Eurocargo Tipper with craneThis means that it should be given special attention looking at used crane trucks for sale. A comprehensive service record is vital and the unit should be checked over thoroughly. The hydraulics should be checked over for leaks and the operation extensively tested under load. All instruments and controls should also be tested for proper working and the crane's attachment to the truck itself examined for any structural defects. Many cranes come with specialist attachments, such as buckets, grabs or hooks. These should also be checked over. 

Crane on a DAF tractor unit

Check that they attach easily and work properly. Also be careful to establish if such additional implements are actually included in the sale. Crane lorries will have stabilising equipment on the truck itself to ensure that the crane lorry remains stable and safe during lifting operations. This is absolutely vital to the proper operation of the crane. Ensure that these features are all fully operational and in good order and, again, test under load.Scania Crane Truck

Cranes find their way on to all manner of lorries. You will commonly find them on tippers, dropsides, flatbeds and chassis cabs. You will also find a huge variety of weight ratings, reaching up to several tonnes. Clearly, it is important to find a combination of crane and body type that suits your operation. Health and safety regulations also come into play. The driver of the lorry will normally be expected to operate the crane and must therefore receive the appropriate training. Many sites will not let a driver-operator on-site without showing a valid CPCS card. It is vital, then, that the crane lorry purchased is appropriate to the driver's category of qualification and, if not, that the driver is properly trained before operations can begin.

Crane trucks can be used as an all-in-one solution to any number of on-site issues, since they combine the functionality of several vehicles into a single efficient unit. Loading and unloading materials is never easier than when done using a crane truck, since you can take things such as a forklift out of the equation and simply get down to the business of transporting whatever you need without relying on others in the meantime. And when time is money, being able to make more deliveries in a day can be a very cost-effective benefit of buying a used crane vehicle.

There are two types of truck you may encounter in this category: the more specialised vehicles which consist of the crane alone, and the kind of tipper truck hybrids that have both a load bed and accompanying crane mechanism to allow for both lifting and the long-distance transport of materials on board. The former are less common and more specialised, which means they can usually handle much heavier loads and may have features such as telescopic jibs to make them very versatile. Meanwhile, the latter are more all-purpose machines that can take on different tasks and haul different loads as necessary. It's a good idea to think carefully before deciding which would be the most appropriate choice.

If the crane has had a lot of use, then it is sensible to give the workings some attention to determine the state of repair they are in. Hydraulic cranes are relatively reliable, but if the assembly does not seem to be especially smooth when it is being manoeuvred, then this may be an indication that repairs are necessary. Other things such as fluid leaking from the crane and obvious issues with the seals should also be on your radar.

The body of a crane truck will usually be a dropside aluminium unit, which is ideal for quick loading and unloading of a variety of materials. Air or steel suspension may be used on different models, with older vehicles needing some real scrutiny to check that the chassis and onboard systems are in good order. For the cab, there are other options available, usually consisting of three-seater set-ups that allow for all-day working. Bigger crane trucks with sleeper cabs for one or more passengers can be found, while modern truck units can offer luxuries such as air conditioning, in-cab electrics and remote-control operation of the crane mechanism.

A long MOT on a used crane truck is an indication that it is still in a serviceable state and so can be desirable in the second-hand market. You may also need to look at the type of bucket which is featured on the crane assembly, as grabber units are convenient for collecting and depositing loose materials in large quantities over a short time period. A crane truck means that the user is not going to have to wait around for everyone else to get organised when there are materials to be moved, making it a cost-effective choice for a lot commercial users to make.


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