Car Transporters Trucks For Sale

Car transporter trucks are used the world over to transport single or multiple smaller vehicles in a convenient and efficient manner. Whether delivering new vehicles to dealerships or carrying cars that are in need of repair to the garage, these trucks need to be able to cope with heavy and irregular loads that require unique arrangements for safe and secure journeys.

Buying a used car transport truck means checking up on its usage history and also working out exactly what you require it for, as this will allow you to pick a vehicle that meets your expectations and comes within your budget.

For rigid-bodied car transporter trucks, there are several things to pay heed to when you are buying second-hand. Firstly, are the winching mechanisms in working order, since these will be essential to ensuring that vehicles can be towed on to the rear body? Secondly, if the body is not just a single capacity unit but can hold two or three vehicles, is the lift that facilitates their stacking in good condition? Expensive replacements and repairs to these mechanisms may be necessary, and so you should be made aware of this before you make a commitment to a particular model. 

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Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1823 £2,200.00
1998 | Car Transporters 7.5 tonne plant lorry - £2,200 ono
Trailer 2006 Transport Engineering Tri Axle Car Transporter
Trailer 2006 Transport Engineering Tri Axle Car Transporter £12,750.00
2006 | Car Transporters 9 Car Transporter, Drum Brakes, TRAILERS
DAF XF105 .460
DAF XF105 .460 £18,000.00
2009 | Car Transporters 2009 (59) 105-460 SUPER SPACE CAB – Car Transporterc/w EuroLohr EHR300 9 car bodywork, Full Years MoT, good condition, direct from operator Tel: 01346 571 255or email [email protected]: £18,000
DAF CF85 .430
DAF CF85 .430 £15,000.00
2006 | Car Transporters 2006 85-430 SLEEPER CAB - Car Transporterc/w Transporter Eng, Evo 4,11 + bodywork, full years MoT, good condition,direct from operator Tel: 01346 571255or Email [email protected]: £15,000
Scania P Series P420
Scania P Series P420 POA
2007 | Car Transporters - 4x2 unit c/w 11 Car Transporter - Manual Gearbox - Sleeper Cab
Cormac Leonard Commercials
Scania P Series P420
Scania P Series P420 POA
Mercedes-Benz 1820
Mercedes-Benz 1820 £5,995.00
1996 | Car Transporters MERCEDES 1820 4X2 TRANSPORTER (P749 BAP), Year 1996, 'P' Reg, 4x2 transporter, on springs, 17 tonnes, day cab. Clock reads 074292 kms. Height: 4.33 MetresLength: 11.80 MetresWidth: 2.50 Metres, Axle Type: 4x2
GS International Trucks Ltd
MAN LE £4,750.00
2003 | Car Transporters | 7500kg A nice MAN transporter with winch. Only been used privately. Low mileage and in very good condition
Volvo FL FS7
Volvo FL FS7 POA
1996 | Car Transporters 1996 VOLVO FS7 4x2 CAR TRANSPORTER Rigid Trucks
Willenhall Commercials Ltd

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Electric winches are common, so these systems should be intact. Meanwhile, the hydraulics that can haul cars upwards and keep them out of the way while more are loaded may need attention, so look out for jolting operation as a sign that a problem is present.

Larger Car Transporters

Larger car transporter trucks which feature separate cabs and trailers will necessarily have higher capacities for carrying vehicles while also having been used over longer distances as a result of their features. Purchasing the cabs and trailers separately is an option, depending on your requirements, but make sure that each is in the condition described by the seller, as the extensive usage these vehicles tend to receive can lead to many components becoming compromised if not properly maintained. These large car transporters can make room for six or more vehicles, with many going to ten or more depending on the trailer that is attached. Check the integrity of the trailer thoroughly, looking for any signs of weakness or any parts that are not working as they should be, because a lot can go wrong after years of transporting a lot of cars around.

Check the Specification

Because cars come in different specifications, sizes and types, the transporter truck you choose should reflect the types of vehicles that you will be using it to transport. Some models are only suitable for smaller family cars, while others have enough room for 4x4s and even large vans. Such specifications should be made apparent by the seller, and if you have any concerns then you should always feel confident enough to asks questions so that answers can be provided. If the trailer seems to be a sound investment, give the cab some attention to check that things such as the engine, tyres and suspension are all in a suitable state for use.

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