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The regional distribution market is one of the most competitive. It is crowded with big national operators and small independents. Margins are tight, so getting the most from your lorry is absolutely vital. This means making some decisions on the size and weight limits of your truck, but it also means making an even more fundamental decision about your choice of body type. Early distribution trucks included flatbeds and dropsides and there are still many of these around today.

They do tend to be more suited to specific niches, though, such as construction and builders' merchants delivery work. This is due to their physical nature. Being open, they are not suited to delicate or high-value items. The loads are exposed to the elements and potentially to the eyes of thieves, so they are better suited to bulky and low-value loads which won’t get damaged in the rain and don’t attract the attention of thieves — so building materials are ideal.

The box van is a much more secure option. It protects loads from any criminal intent and shelters them from the elements. What it gains in security, however, it loses a little in flexibility.  Read more...

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DAF CF65  220 Sleeper Cab Box Van
DAF CF65 220 Sleeper Cab Box Van £5,950.00
2008 | Box Vans | 18000kg 2008 Daf CF65 220 Sleeper Cab Box Van on Springs Suspension, 6 Speed Manual Gearbox, Radio/Stereo, Side Loading Doors, Radio/Stereo, Excellent Condition - We can organise shipping to any Worldwide Destination - Contact for a quote
Law Exports Ltd
DAF LF45 .160
DAF LF45 .160 POA
2012 | Box Vans 20FT GRP Box Body with Tail Lift, 7,500KG, 5 Speed Manual, Day Cab, Dual Passenger Seat, Feb-18 MOT.4x2. Right Hand Drive
Ford & Slater Daf
Mercedes-Benz Axor  1824L
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1824L POA
DAF LF45 .160
DAF LF45 .160 POA
Mercedes-Benz Axor  1843
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1843 POA
2008 | Box Vans Twin man sleeper - Fitted 30ft five container furniture body - 3.5 ton curtainside trailer .. Left Hand Drive
Macs Truck Sales
DAF Unknown 7.5 Curtainsider
DAF Unknown 7.5 Curtainsider POA
2012 | Box Vans 3 Seater cab Steel suspension barn doors Euro 5 20.4 foot Internal 8.2 feet between curtains Manual gearbox 1 owner Contact maintained from new Clean and ready for work 369k kms
Truck Finder Ltd
DAF Unknown 7.5 Scaffold Truck Purpose Built
DAF Unknown 7.5 Scaffold Truck Purpose Built POA
2011 | Box Vans scaffold body Purpose Build body Hard Deck floor Single piece detachable Ali sides to front upright poles to rear allowing easy access Rear detachable ali tailboard 3 seater cab Manual Gearbox 1 owner from new Contract maintained will come with full 12 month mot
Truck Finder Ltd
DAF Unknown 7.5 22 foot Dropside
DAF Unknown 7.5 22 foot Dropside POA
2011 | Box Vans 7.5 Gross Vehicle Weight 3 seater cab manual gearbox Euro 5 2 piece Ali sides Ali tailboard all detachable Hard Deck floor recently converted Very clean 1 Owner Contract maintained from new 301k kms
Truck Finder Ltd
DAF LF  180 Euro6
DAF LF 180 Euro6 POA
2014 | Box Vans DAF LF45 180 Euro6, 21ft GRP Box Body, Rear Barn Doors, Anteo Tuckaway Tailift, Roof Deflector, Sun Visor, Factory Fitted Immobiliser, Digital Tacho, CD Player, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Heated Mirrors, On Board Computer, Multifuction Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, Excellent Condition. MoT Expiry: 24/10/2018
Brandrick Commercials
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1824  4x2 Rigid Box
Mercedes-Benz Axor 1824 4x2 Rigid Box £9,000.00
2010 | Box Vans Single Sleeper Cab, Steel Suspension, Dell 1500kg Column, 2 Pedal Auto Gear Box, Euro 5 Engine, Cruise Control,MOT:06/18 RIGIDS
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The joy of the flatbed is that it can be loaded from either side or from the rear. This makes them easy and quick to load and also simple to unload on tight sites. It also means that there is no real preference in load order and the driver can cope easily with changes to schedules because loads can be taken off in any order. The flatbed can also cope with loads that overhang its dimensions a little.Mitsubishi Fuso Box Van

The box van cannot offer that flexibility as most need to be loaded from the rear only. When a driver is dealing with a full load, therefore, he must think carefully about the loading order and ensure that the last pallet in is the first off. He will, of course be able to move things around a little, particularly a few drops into his schedule, but nevertheless this can cost valuable time. A curtainsider offers a bit of a compromise. It protects loads from bad weather and prying eyes but allows loading and unloading all around the truck. The curtains themselves can be damaged, however, and the curtainsiders are generally a little more expensive to buy. Security is not quite as good as a box van either, as the material of the curtains can be cut.

Despite this competition, there can be no doubt that the box van is the workhorse of the regional distribution market. They are cheap to buy and run and simple to maintain, with no moving curtains to get worn or faulty. They offer the best level of security and protection from the elements that you can get. With no exotic parts, buying a used box van is a simple affair. The standard mechanical checks should be carried out and service records examined. The box itself is a robust piece of kit and need only be checked for obvious signs of damage. Remember too that the box is a great opportunity for you to advertise your firm.Aerobody DAF LF 45 2014 Model

Until recently, box-bodied trucks were usually sold by the truck manufacturer as rigid chassis cabs with a box body built by a specialist bodybuilder.  This is changing as more manufacturers are selling their trucks ‘ready bodied’. When buying a truck with a box body, check all round for damage and the inside for water leakage and nasty smells that are difficult to remove.  If the truck has a tail lift, check that it is working and that it has been tested.  Does the truck have a roof air deflector that reaches to the top of the body? If not it will cost you more on fuel or to fit the correct device.  Finally double check all interior and exterior dimensions to make sure it is suitable for the job it will do.

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