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There is always a great choice of used trucks for sale here at trucklocator. Truck sellers from across the UK and Ireland advertise their lorries – including offers from franchised and independent truck dealers – plus operators selling their trucks directly. Most of the trucks advertised are used, but you will occasionally find some new truck deals. 

When searching, remember to start with as few details in the refine seach box - if you get too many results you can add more refinements as you go. Unsure what the search refinements mean? Hover over for a detailed explanation. 

Before you contact a seller, check out our guide to buying trucks safely online. Confused about Euro levels? Check out our simple guide to Euro levels in trucks.

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Iveco Eurocargo 180E25
Iveco Eurocargo 180E25 POA
2010 | Dropsides | 18000kg This Iveco 180E25 commercial vehicle seats 3; The gearbox is Auto; Body: Ali Treble Dropside; Length: 26ft; Bhp: 250; Kms: 271810; D.O.R: 01.2010; Euro: 5; LEZ: Compliant
Mercedes-Benz Atego 816 4x2 24' Alloy Dropside
Mercedes-Benz Atego 816 4x2 24' Alloy Dropside £10,850.00
2007 | Dropsides | 7490kg 2007/57 Atego 816 with 24' Alloy Dropside Body in White 300,000 kms nice truck NOW ONLY £10850 + vat Export enquiries welcome Please contact for further details
Bell Truck and Van Centre
Mercedes-Benz Atego 815 4x2 Rigid
Mercedes-Benz Atego 815 4x2 Rigid POA
Truck Export Ltd
Mercedes-Benz unknown 709D
Mercedes-Benz unknown 709D POA
1990 | Dropsides 19ft alloy luton boxvan with walk in dropwell, side door
John Whiting Ltd
Volvo FL 14
Volvo FL 14 POA
1998 | Dropsides S Reg, day cab, dropside, 8 stud axles, very tidy, low kms, direct London council, ideal export
John Whiting Ltd
Ford Transit Transit 350 350
Ford Transit Transit 350 350 POA
2007 | Dropsides 12ft alloy dropside, 26,000 miles, one owner
John Whiting Ltd
Daf LF45 Ti
Daf LF45 Ti POA
2001 | Dropsides fitted new alloy 21ft dropwell luton, low kms
John Whiting Ltd
Iveco 400 E38 E38
Iveco 400 E38 E38 POA
Dropsides Eurotech, 3 x axle rigid dropside loaded with same spec on top, delivered to Harwich for Lagos
John Whiting Ltd
Ford Transit Transit 350 Tdi 350
Ford Transit Transit 350 Tdi 350 POA
2000 | Dropsides 10ft alloy dropside tailift, towbar, one owner, very clean
John Whiting Ltd
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Some background to the UK truck market…

DAF have been the market leader in the UK for trucks over six tonnes GVW for over a decade with a market share of approaching 30%. The company is strong across all types of trucks, but is particularly strong in two and three axle rigids (read more about axle configuration here).UK Truck Market share to September 2013

As you would expect, there are usually twice as many DAF trucks for sale than any other make on trucklocator. Mercedes-Benz, the world’s largest truckmaker are traditionally in second place in the UK truck market with a 15% share and therefore are strong in the used truck market, especially for export, as all countries love a Mercedes truck.

Although Scania come in third place in terms of UK market share, they top the trucklocator search charts with 30% of all searches for a truck make. This shows that most buyers would like a Scania, but unfortunately cannot afford one, so they buy a DAF instead! 

Just because a truck is popular, however, it doesn’t mean that it is right for your job.  There are relatively few Hino trucks in the UK, but if you are looking for a reliable eight-wheel tipper on a budget without the use of Adblue, then a Hino could suit you down to the ground.  Equally if you are looking for a 7.5 tonner then the Isuzu or Mitsubishi could be up your street as they are both reliable, made in their millions and have a much better payload than the UK’s best selling 7.5 tonners.

It is important to consider not just the truck itself – what about the support from the dealer network plus the cost and availability of spare parts.  Check out the brands that have a good selection of aftermarket parts to save you some money.

What every truck driver wants...a Scania Streamline ...

...and what they get...a DAF XF

UK Truck Market Review 2014 - Why are used trucks so expensive?

The used truck market throughout the first half of 2014 will be characterised by a shortage of good under five year old trucks. Why is there a lack of used trucks? The answer is twofold.

Firstly, the economy, including construction, is starting to pick up. With long lead times on most new trucks, the used truck market usually takes up this initial demand before new truck registrations materialise.

The second, and more important reason is the dramatic fall in new truck registrations from 2009 onwards. Check out the graph of truck registrations from this time and the scale of the problem becomes obvious. Registrations of trucks were down a massive 50% back in 2009 means that there are only half as many five-year-old trucks as perhaps the market needs.

Competition for all used trucks is intense in the wholesale market, both from fleets directly and at truck auctions. This is driving up the prices of the trucks that the dealers have to pay, which means that the price to the end user has to be higher too. Higher prices are not necessarily a sign that dealers are making more money - it usually means the opposite is true.

Export trucks to Africa

There are still plenty of older trucks around - up until 2008 the UK truck market was flying with records being broken each year. The problem is at not everyone wants a seven or eight year old used truck. This has led to a change of focus for many dealers to look to export markets for the older stock. Traditional right hand drive markets are the ones most often targeted by UK truck dealers - Malta, Cyprus and most of Africa fall into this category.

What to look for in a used truck

We recommend you look through The trucklocator help section - you need to make sure you are searching for the right used truck. We have also added some helpful search hints so you can get the most from the site. Hover over the search boxes and you will see a helpful explanation of what each box does.

An Example of a dealer's corporate video filmed by Trucklocator

Do your research

In the help section there is a whole section on buying trucks safely online. You may be desperate for a new truck - your old one might have been in an accident or broken down beyond economic repair - but don't be in too much of a hurry to hand over any money before checking out the truck and the dealer. Trade advertisers on trucklocator have been checked as well as we can, but it is up to you to make sure that you are happy with the deal before parting with the cash.

A number of dealers have put together corporate videos to give you a feel for their businesses - these may give you some confidence in their professionalism and reliability. You will see a video icon next to the dealer logo on the search results if this is the case. Some also have uploaded videos of their trucks - you can tell these, ads there is a video icon near the truck's photo in there search results.

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